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Briefings to Congress in 2003
DateBriefing Title
01/28/2003 Exploration of the Seas: Interim Report
01/29/2003 Fair Weather: Effective Partnerships in Weather and Climate Services
02/10/2003 Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals
02/10/2003 Exposure of the American Population to Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear Weapons
02/14/2003 Gulf War and Health: Volume 2. Insecticides and Solvents
02/25/2003 Planning Climate and Global Change Research: A Review of the Draft U.S. Climate Change Science Program Strategic Plan
02/27/2003 Completing the 'Big Dig': Managing the Final Stages of Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project
03/04/2003 Cumulative Environmental Effects of Oil and Gas Activities on Alaska's North Slope
04/15/2003 Characterizing Exposure of Veterans to Agent Orange and Other Herbicides Used in Vietnam: Interim Findings and Recommendations
06/13/2003 Hidden Costs, Value Lost: Uninsurance in America
06/30/2003 Dioxins and Dioxin-like Compounds in the Food Supply: Strategies to Decrease Exposure
07/28/2003 Enhancing the Vitality of the National Institutes of Health: Organizational Change to Meet New Challenges
08/04/2003 Financing Vaccines in the 21st Century: Assuring Access and Availability
10/07/2003 Biotechnology Research in an Age of Terrorism: Confronting the 'Dual Use' Dilemma
10/10/2003 Buckling Up: Technologies to Increase Seat Belt Use (Special Report 278)
10/21/2003 Endangered and Threatened Fishes in the Klamath River Basin: Causes of Decline and Strategies for Recovery
10/22/2003 Veterans' Health Studies of The National Academies' Institute of Medicine
11/04/2003 Keeping Patients Safe: Transforming the Work Environment of Nurses
11/04/2003 Exploration of the Seas: Voyage Into the Unknown
12/03/2003 Distribution and Administration of Potassium Iodide in the Event of a Nuclear Incident