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Briefings to Congress in 2005
DateBriefing Title
01/10/2005 Health Implications of Perchlorate Ingestion
01/11/2005 An Assessment of Potential Health Effects from Exposure to PAVE PAWS Low-Level Phased-Array Radiofrequency Energy
01/11/2005 Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in the United States
01/13/2005 Interim Report of the Committee on Changes in New Source Review Programs for Stationary Sources of Air Pollutants
01/18/2005 Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Final Report
02/15/2005 Vaccine Safety Research, Data Access, and Public Trust
02/28/2005 Board on Radioactive Waste Management Reports
03/02/2005 The Smallpox Vaccination Program: Public Health in an Age of Terrorism
03/02/2005 Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2004
03/23/2005 Assessment of Department of Defense Basic Research
04/04/2005 Review of the HIVNET 012 Perinatal HIV Prevention Study
04/06/2005 Safety and Security of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage: Public Report
04/08/2005 Prospective Evaluation of Applied Energy Research and Development at DoE (Phase One): A First Look Forward
04/11/2005 Cord Blood: Establishing a National Hematopoietic Stem Cell Bank Program
04/13/2005 Monitoring Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear-Explosive Materials: An Assessment of Methods and Capabilities
04/13/2005 Healers Abroad: Americans Responding to the Human Resource Crisis in HIV/AIDS
04/25/2005 Guidelines for Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
04/26/2005 WIC Food Packages: Time for a Change
04/27/2005 Assessment of the Scientific Information for the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program
04/27/2005 Effects of Nuclear Earth-Penetrator and Other Weapons
07/03/2005 Tank Wastes Planned For On-Site Disposal at Three Department of Energy Sites: The Savannah River Site -- Interim Report
09/13/2005 Water Resources Planning for the Upper Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway
09/16/2005 Noise and Military Service: Implications for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus
10/07/2005 Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future
10/28/2005 Plan for a Short-term Evaluation of PEPFAR Implementation: Letter Report #1
10/31/2005 Improving the Quality of Health Care for Mental and Substance-Use Conditions: Quality Chasm Series
11/08/2005 Drawing Louisiana’s New Map: Addressing Land Loss in Coastal Louisiana
11/14/2005 Disposition of the Air Force Health Study: Interim Letter Report
11/28/2005 Performance Measurement: Accelerating Improvement
12/05/2005 Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity?
12/07/2005 Polar Icebreaker Roles and U.S. Future Needs: A Preliminary Assessment