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Briefings to Congress in 2010
DateBriefing Title
01/07/2010 Hepatitis and Liver Cancer: A National Strategy for Prevention and Control of Hepatitis B and C
01/12/2010 Choosing the Nation’s Fiscal Future
01/28/2010 Realizing the Energy Potential of Methane Hydrate for the United States
02/05/2010 Provision of Mental Health Counseling Services Under TRICARE
02/16/2010 Ecosystem Concepts for Sustainable Bivalve Mariculture
02/25/2010 Revitalizing NASA's Suborbital Program: Advancing Science, Driving Innovation, and Developing Workforce
03/10/2010 Evaluation of the Health and Safety Risks of the New USAMRIID High Containment Facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland
03/16/2010 Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Methods to Support International Climate Agreements
03/18/2010 A Scientific Assessment of Alternatives for Reducing Water Management Effects on Threatened and Endangered Fishes in California's Bay Delta
03/30/2010 Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan: Preliminary Assessment of Readjustment Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families
04/08/2010 Gulf War and Health: Volume 8: Update of Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War
04/12/2010 Impact of Genetically Engineered Crops on Farm Sustainability in the United States
04/19/2010 Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake in the United States
04/21/2010 Ocean Acidification: A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Ocean (Report Summary)
04/26/2010 Preparing Teachers: Building Evidence for Sound Policy
04/28/2010 The Use of Title 42 Authority at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: A Letter Report
05/03/2010 Future Directions for the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports
05/10/2010 Capabilities for the Future: An Assessment of NASA Laboratories for Basic Research
05/11/2010 Evaluation of Biomarkers and Surrogate Endpoints in Chronic Disease
05/18/2010 America's Climate Choices (First three reports)
05/26/2010 Assessment of Technologies for Improving Light Duty Vehicle Fuel Economy
06/01/2010 A National Cancer Clinical Trials System for the 21st Century: Reinvigorating the NCI Cooperative Group Program
06/07/2010 Enhancing Food Safety: The Role of the Food and Drug Administration
06/23/2010 Ocean Acidification: A National Strategy to Meet the Challenges of a Changing Oc
06/29/2010 Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century
07/01/2010 Strengthening the National Institute of Justice
07/07/2010 Review of the Research Program of the FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership: Third Report
07/09/2010 Life and Physical Sciences Research for a New Era of Space Exploration: An Interim Report
07/13/2010 Controlling Cost Growth of NASA Earth and Space Science Missions
07/15/2010 Climate Stabilization Targets: Emissions, Concentrations, and Impacts over Decades to Millenia
07/20/2010 Informing an Effective Response to Climate Change
08/03/2010 Management and Effects of Coalbed Methane Produced Water in the United States
08/03/2010 New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics
09/15/2010 Tsunami Warning and Preparedness: An Assessment of the U.S. Tsunami Program and the Nation's Preparedness Efforts
09/22/2010 Women's Health Research: Progress, Pitfalls, and Promise
09/22/2010 Progress Toward Restoring the Everglades: The Third Biennial Review – 2010
09/27/2010 Missouri River Planning: Recognizing and Incorporating Sediment Management
09/27/2010 Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: America's Science and Technology Talent at the Crossroads
10/04/2010 The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health
10/14/2010 Improving Water Quality in the Mississippi River Basin and Northern Gulf of Mexico: Strategies and Priorities
10/15/2010 Precise Geodetic Infrastructure: National Requirements for a Shared Resource
10/28/2010 Rare Diseases and Orphan Products: Accelerating Research and Development
11/04/2010 Evaluation of a Site-Specific Risk Assessment for the Department of Homeland Security's Planned National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas
11/08/2010 Achieving Traffic Safety Goals in the United States: Lessons from Other Nations - TRB Special Report
11/15/2010 Child and Adult Care Food Program: Aligning Dietary Guidance for All
11/16/2010 Interim Report on Causes of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout and Ways to Prevent Such Events
12/01/2010 A Review of the Proposed Revisions to the Federal Principles and Guidelines Water Resources Planning Document
12/01/2010 Evaluating Testing, Costs, and Benefits of Advanced Spectroscopic Portals: Final Report (Abbreviated Version)
12/03/2010 An Evaluation of the Food Safety Requirements of the Federal Purchase Ground Beef Program