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J. Erik Jonsson Center

Jonsson Center: Conference Services -

Computers, software and other support equipment are provided for the convenience of groups meeting at the Jonsson Conference Center in Woods Hole. The Center is suitable for accommodating meetings with various requirements, including periods of concentrated writing or final report preparation.

Any irregularities in operation or equipment failure are to be reported to the Meetings Manager or the Computer Technician. We ask that you do not change configurations of software or equipment or to install additional software.

Staffing Services
The staff of the Center includes a Meetings Manager, Facilities Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Receptionist, Computer Technician, General Service Workers, and Food Service Personnel. Groups should arrange for members of their support staff to accompany committees to provide secretarial and clerical services.

Office Equipment
Complete basic office supplies and equipment including computers are provided. Groups are requested to submit a list of needs to the Meetings Manager at the Center and requested items are delivered to the group's assigned conference area/room(s). For special requirements, local rental equipment is available and will be provided at cost. Contact the Meetings Manager for additional details, information and rates.

There are computers connected to the internal NRC network located in the conference rooms and common areas. These computers should be used for work on National Academies' projects. Also, there are computers connected to our visitor-based network. These visitor computers can be used by anyone wishing to access the Internet or to work on electronic documents. Both the networked and visitor computers have recent operating systems and versions of Microsoft Office. Wireless connectivity for both internal and visitor networks are available for participants bringing their own laptops. Also, the Center has one Mac laptop to assist when needed. Most computers have a local printer with access to a network printer as well. Contact the Meetings Manager (508-548-3760) to arrange for computer requirements exceeding the quantity and availability at the Center. Reasonable standard rental rates will apply. Individual groups may choose to transport portables or laptops available for common use within their board, office or commission. Coordination of user needs and equipment assignment is arranged by the Center management.

Visitor Wireless Network
A visitor wireless network is available inside the Hackerman and Carriage Houses. The wireless signal is also available outside on the various porches and open spaces on the grounds close to the houses. There are network printers attached to the visitor network that you can print to as well. The visitor wireless network is an open, unsecured access connection providing you with a direct link to the Internet. Read the wireless brochure for instructions on how to connect.

Technology Assistance
The Computer Technician at the Jonsson Center is available to provide assistance and instruction on use of computer, audio-visual, fax and copy equipment. The Computer Technician will coordinate scheduling, perform minor adjustments or repairs and coordinate service requirements. Assistance with technology is limited to the capacity of the on-site staff and regional resources.

The telephone system at the Center is available to all participants and visitors. Telephones are located in common areas, meeting rooms and offices and instructions for placing local and long distance calls are located near each phone. Credit calling cards are required for long distance access. Incoming calls will be routed to each assigned committee office and messages are the responsibility of the committee support staff. In the event that no one from the committee can be reached, messages will be placed on the message board in the Center lobby.

The telephone numbers are: 508-548-3760 or 508-548-3761

The Center is equipped with a digital phone switch that allows for calls to most rooms in both the Hackerman and Carriage Houses. This switch is programmed to allow you to make local calls by dialing the 10-digit number (area code + telephone number), and long distance calls by using your calling or credit card; NAS calling account codes are also accepted. Telephone lines are available for individuals with their own computers and modems to access networks or their base organization. See the Meetings Manager or Computer Technician for details and instructions.

Audio-Visual Equipment
Audio-visual equipment includes video projectors, overhead projectors, carousel slide projectors, video cassette recorders and whiteboards. There is a data projector assigned to the three main conference rooms. Tape recorders and speaker phones are generally available to groups as well.

Video-teleconferencing equipment is a permanent part of the Carriage House setup. Any group wishing to utilize this equipment for a video-teleconference should make arrangements ahead of time to allow for testing.

Copy Machines
Photo copying machines are provided. One machine is located in the Service Center (Room 204) and the second is located in the carriage house. Each machine has collating, stapling, two-sided copy and reduction features. Machines are self-service and are easily operated. Groups are assigned a copy card upon arrival and charges will be calculated according to the number of copies for each group's ID.

Fax Machines
A fax machine is available in the Service Center (Room 204) for self-operation in sending or receiving at the Center. Incoming facsimiles will be delivered to the responsible group representatives for distribution to the addressee. Outgoing messages are transmitted on a self-service basis. Fax charges are $1.00 per page incoming and outgoing.

The fax number is: 508-540-4236

Mail Service
Letters and packages sent via the U.S. Postal Service mailed to meeting groups, in care of the Center prior to group arrival, will be held in the administrative support office. All outgoing mail is picked up at the Center at 1:00 p.m. Packages will be weighed at the post office and charged accordingly. The mailing address for official and personal mail is:

c/o J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center of the
National Academy of Sciences
P.O. Box 86
Woods Hole, MA 02543-0086

Federal Express maintains regular pickup and delivery service to the Center as well. For specific information on these services, please see the Center Receptionist. The mailing address for shipping via express carriers is:

c/o J. Erik Jonsson Woods Hole Center
of the National Academy of Sciences
314 Quissett Avenue
Woods Hole, MA 02543-0036

Jonsson Center : 314 Quissett Avenue : Woods Hole, MA 02543 : 508-548-3760\