Studies and Projects Completed in 2012


Defense, National Security, and Space

Assessment of a Plan for U.S. Participation in Euclid
Assessment of Agent Monitoring Strategies for the Blue Grass and Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plants
Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Spacecraft Missions to Icy Solar System Bodies
Assuring the U.S. Department of Defense a Strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce
Building a Resilient Workforce: Opportunities for the Department of Homeland Security — Workshop Summary
Capability Planning and Analysis to Optimize Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Investments
Climate and Social Stress: Implications for Security Analysis
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  • The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Technical Issues for the United States
    Continuing Kepler's Quest: Assessing Air Force Space Command's Astrodynamics Standards
    Determining Core Capabilities in Chemical and Biological Defense Science and Technology
    Disaster Resilience: A National Imperative
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  • Disposal Options for the Rocket Motors From Nerve Agent Rockets Stored at Blue Grass Army Depot
    Earth Science and Applications from Space: A Midterm Assessment of NASA's Implementation of the Decadal Survey
    Evaluation of the Updated Site-Specific Risk Assessment for the National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility in Manhattan, Kansas
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  • Export Control Challenges Associated With Securing the Homeland
    Future Uses of the Department of Defense Joint Pathology Center Biorepository
    Improving Metrics for the Department of Defense Cooperative Threat Reduction Program
    Improving the Decision Making Abilities of Small Unit Leaders
    An Interim Report on Assuring DoD a Strong Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Workforce
    Making Sense of Ballistic Missile Defense: An Assessment of Concepts and Systems for U.S. Boost-Phase Missile Defense in Comparison to Other Alternatives
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  • Managing for High-Quality Science and Engineering at the NNSA National Security Laboratories
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  • Materials and Manufacturing Capabilities for Sustaining Defense Systems — Summary of a Workshop
    Meeting Critical Laboratory Needs for Animal Agriculture: Examination of Three Options
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  • NASA Space Technology Roadmaps and Priorities: Restoring NASA's Technological Edge and Paving the Way for a New Era in Space
    NASA's Strategic Direction and the Need for a National Consensus
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  • Recapturing NASA's Aeronautics Flight Research Capabilities
    Remediation of Buried Chemical Warfare Materiel
    Reusable Booster System: Review and Assessment
    Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society
    Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System
    Testing of Body Armor Materials, Phase III


    Education and Social Issues

    Aging and the Macroeconomy: Long-Term Implications of an Older Population
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  • Challenges in Chemistry Graduate Education — A Workshop Summary
    Climate Change Education in Formal Settings, K-14 — A Workshop Summary
    Collecting Compensation Data from Employers
    Collecting Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data in Electronic Health Records — Workshop Summary
    Community Colleges in the Evolving STEM Education Landscape — Summary of a Summit
    Deterrence and the Death Penalty
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  • Discipline-Based Education Research: Understanding and Improving Learning in Undergraduate Science and Engineering
    Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century
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  • From Neurons to Neighborhoods: An Update — Workshop Summary
    Improving Adult Literacy Instruction: Developing Reading and Writing
    Improving Measurement of Productivity in Higher Education
    Infusing Real World Experiences Into Engineering Education
    Key National Education Indicators — Workshop Summary
    Measuring What We Spend: Toward a New Consumer Expenditure Survey
    Monitoring Progress Toward Successful K-12 STEM Education: A Nation Advancing?
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  • Options for Estimating Illegal Entries at the U.S.-Mexico Border
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  • Perspectives on the Future of the Sociology of Aging
    Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach
    Research Universities and the Future of America: Ten Breakthrough Actions Vital to Our Nation's Prosperity and Security
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  • Research Universities and the Future of America: Ten Breakthrough Actions Vital to Our Nation's Prosperity and Security — Summary
    Small Populations, Large Effects: Improving the Measurement of the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey
    The Subjective Well-Being Module of the American Time Use Survey: Assessment for Its Continuation
    Thinking Evolutionarily: Evolution Education Across the Life Sciences — Summary of a Convocation
    Using American Community Survey Data to Expand Access to the School Meals Programs
    Workforce Needs in Veterinary Medicine

    Health and Safety

    Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation
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  • Accelerating the Development of New Drugs and Diagnostics: Maximizing the Impact of the Cures Acceleration Network — Workshop Summary
    Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals, Volume 11
    Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals, Volume 12
    Alliances for Obesity Prevention: Finding Common Ground — Workshop Summary
    Alzheimer's Diagnostic Guideline Validation: Exploration of Next Steps — Workshop Summary
    Analysis of Cancer Risks in Populations Near Nuclear Facilities, Phase I
    Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America
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  • Building Public-Private Partnerships in Food and Nutrition — Workshop Summary
    The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine: Science, Governance, and the Pursuit of Cures
    Child Maltreatment Research, Policy, and Practice for the Next Decade — Workshop Summary
    Communications and Technology for Violence Prevention — Workshop Summary
    Contagion of Violence — Workshop Summary
    Crisis Standards of Care: A Systems Framework for Catastrophic Disaster Response
    Digital Data Improvement Priorities for Continuous Learning in Health and Health Care — Workshop Summary
    Envisioning a Transformed Clinical Trials Enterprise in the United States: Establishing an Agenda for 2020 — Workshop Summary
    Epilepsy Across the Spectrum: Promoting Health and Understanding
    Ethical and Scientific Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs
    Evaluation of the Lovell Federal Health Care Center Merger: Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations
    Exploring Health and Environmental Costs of Food — Workshop Summary
    Facilitating State Health Exchange Communication Through the Use of Health Literate Practices — Workshop Summary
    Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes in Youth
    For the Public's Health: Investing in a Healthier Future
    Genome-Based Diagnostics: Clarifying Pathways to Clinical Use — Workshop Summary
    Genome-Based Therapeutics: Targeted Drug Discovery and Development — Workshop Summary
    Geographic Adjustment in Medicare Payment, Phase II: Implications for Access, Quality, and Efficiency
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  • How Can Health Care Organizations Become More Health Literate? — Workshop Summary
    How Far Have We Come in Reducing Health Disparities? Progress Since 2000 — Workshop Summary
    The Human Microbiome, Diet, and Health — Workshop Summary
    Improving Food Safety Through a One Health Approach — Workshop Summary
    Informatics Needs and Challenges in Cancer Research — Workshop Summary
    An Integrated Framework for Assessing the Value of Community-Based Prevention
    International Animal Research Regulations: Impact on Neuroscience Research — Workshop Summary
    Living Well With Chronic Illness: A Call for Public Health Action
    Measuring Progress in Obesity Prevention — Workshop Report
    Medical Care Economic Risk: Measuring Financial Vulnerability From Spending on Medical Care
    The Mental Health and Substance Use Workforce for Older Adults: In Whose Hands?
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  • Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: A Strategy for Generating National Estimates of HIV Care and Coverage
    Monitoring HIV Care in the United States: Indicators and Data Systems
    Nutrition and Healthy Aging in the Community — Workshop Summary
    Post-Incident Recovery Considerations of the Health Care Service Delivery Infrastructure — Workshop Summary
    Potential Health Risks to DOD Firing-Range Personnel From Recurrent Lead Exposure
    Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health
    Public Engagement on Facilitating Access to Antiviral Medications and Information in an Influenza Pandemic — Workshop Series Summary
    Ranking Vaccines: A Prioritization Framework, Phase I: Demonstration of Concept and a Software Blueprint
    Reducing Tobacco-Related Cancer Incidence and Mortality — Workshop Summary
    Research Methods to Assess Dietary Intake and Program Participation in Child Day Care: Application to the Child and Adult Care Food Program — Workshop Summary
    The Role of Obesity in Cancer Survival and Recurrence — Workshop Summary
    The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment — Workshop Summary
    Safe and Effective Medicines for Children: Pediatric Studies Conducted Under the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act and the Pediatric Research Equity Act
    Substance Use Disorders in the U.S. Armed Forces
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  • Technical Evaluation of the NASA Model for Cancer Risk to Astronauts Due to Space Radiation
    Tracking Radiation Exposure from Medical Diagnostic Procedures — Workshop Reports
    Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Military and Veteran Populations: Initial Assessment
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  • Twenty-first Interim Report of the Committee on Acute Exposure Guideline Levels, Part A
    Twenty-first Interim Report of the Committee on Acute Exposure Guideline Levels, Part B


    Industry, Commerce, and Technology

    Best Practices in Assessment of Research and Development Organizations
    Best Practices in Assessment of Research and Development Organizations — Summary of a Workshop
    Big Data — A Workshop Report
    Building Hawaii's Innovation Economy — Summary of a Symposium
    Building the Arkansas Innovation Economy — Summary of a Symposium
    Clustering for 21st Century Prosperity — Summary of a Symposium
    Computing Research for Sustainability
    Continuing Innovation in Information Technology
    Effective Tracking of Building Energy Use: Improving the Commercial Buildings and Residential Energy Consumption Surveys
    From Science to Business: Preparing Female Scientists and Engineers for Successful Transitions into Entrepreneurship —Summary of a Workshop
    Interim Report — Status of the Study "An Assessment of the Prospects for Inertial Fusion Energy"
    Interim Report for the Triennial Review of the National Nanotechnology Initiative, Phase II
    Making Things: 21st Century Manufacturing and Design — Summary of a Forum
    Making Value: Integrating Manufacturing, Design, and Innovation to Thrive in the Changing Global Economy
    Nutrient Requirements of Swine, 11th Revised Edition
    Optics and Photonics: Essential Technologies for Our Nation
    Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Developing Regional Innovation Environments — A Workshop Summary
    Summary of a Workshop on the Future of Antennas
    Sustainability Considerations for Procurement Tools and Capabilities — Summary of a Workshop


    International Affairs

    Aging in Asia: Findings From New and Emerging Data Initiatives
    Barriers to Integrating Crisis Standards of Care Principles into International Disaster Response Plans — Workshop Summary
    Blueprint for the Future: Framing the Issues of Women in Science in a Global Context — Summary of a Workshop
    The Case for International Sharing of Scientific Data: A Focus on Developing Countries — Proceedings of a Symposium
    The Continuing Epidemiological Transition in Sub-Saharan Africa — A Workshop Summary
    Country-Level Decision Making for Control of Chronic Diseases — Workshop Summary
    Developing and Strengthening the Global Supply Chain for Second-Line Drugs for Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis — Workshop Summary
    Ensuring Safe Foods and Medical Products Through Stronger Regulatory Systems Abroad
    Facing the Reality of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis In India: Challenges and Potential Solutions — Summary of a Joint Workshop by the Institute of Medicine, the Indian National Science Academy, and the Indian Council of Medical Research
    For Attribution: Developing Data Attribution and Citation Practices and Standards — Summary of an International Workshop
    Global Navigation Satellite Systems — Report of a Joint Workshop of the National Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Academy of Engineering
    Human Performance Modification: Review of Worldwide Research with a View to the Future
    International Science in the National Interest at the U.S. Geological Survey
    Lessons and Legacies of the International Polar Year 2007-2008
    Meeting Global Challenges: U.S.-German Innovation Policy — Summary of a Symposium
    The New Global Ecosystem in Advanced Computing: Implications for U.S. Competitiveness and National Security
    Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities for Converting U.S. and Russian Research Reactors — A Workshop Report
    Rising to the Challenge: U.S. Innovation Policy for the Global Economy
    A Sustainability Challenge: Food Security for All — Report of Two Workshops
    U.S. and International Perspectives on Global Science Policy and Science Diplomacy – Report of a Workshop

    Natural Resources and the Environment

    Alternatives for Managing the Nation's Complex Contaminated Groundwater Sites
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  • Corps of Engineers Water Resources Infrastructure: Deterioration, Investment, or Divestment?
    Dam and Levee Safety and Community Resilience: A Vision for Future Practice
    Ecosystem Services: Charting a Path to Sustainability
    The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth's Climate — A Workshop Report
    Himalayan Glaciers: Climate Change, Water Resources, and Water Security
    Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies
    A National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling
    National Summit on Strategies to Manage Herbicide-Resistant Weeds — Proceedings of a Symposium
    Preparing for the Third Decade (Cycle 3) of the National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program
    Progress Toward Restoring the Everglades: The Fourth Biennial Review, 2012
    Proliferation Risk in Nuclear Fuel Cycles — Workshop Summary
    Review of the EPA's Economic Analysis of Final Water Quality Standards for Lakes and Flowing Waters in Florida
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  • A Review of the U.S. Global Change Research Programís Strategic Plan
    The Role of the Chemical Sciences in Finding Alternatives to Critical Resources — A Workshop Summary
    Science for Environmental Protection: The Road Ahead
    Scientific Review of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement: Drakes Bay Oyster Company Special Use Permit
    Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, and Future
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  • Seasonal-to-Decadal Predictions of Arctic Sea Ice: Challenges and Strategies
    Sustainable Development of Algal Biofuels in the United States
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  • Sustainable Water and Environmental Management in the California Bay-Delta
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  • Urban Meteorology: Forecasting, Monitoring, and Meeting Users' Needs
    The Use and Storage of Methyl Isocyanate (MIC) at Bayer CropScience
    Water Reuse: Potential for Expanding the Nation's Water Supply Through Reuse of Municipal Wastewater
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  • Weather Services for the Nation: Becoming Second to None
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  • The Scientific Enterprise

    Advancing Strategic Science: A Spatial Data Infrastructure Roadmap for the U.S. Geological Survey
    Assessing the Reliability of Complex Models: Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification
    Assuring a Future U.S.-Based Nuclear and Radiochemistry Expertise
    Challenges and Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences
    Challenges in Characterizing Small Particles: Exploring Particles from the Nano- to Microscales — A Workshop Summary
    Evolution of Translational Omics: Lessons Learned and the Path Forward
    Exposure Science in the 21st Century: A Vision and a Strategy
    Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century
    The Future of Scientific Knowledge Discovery in Open Networked Environments — Summary of a Workshop
    Improving Measures of Science, Technology, and Innovation — Interim Report
    Intelligent Human-Machine Collaboration — Summary of a Workshop
    Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter
    Research Frontiers in Bioinspired Energy: Molecular-Level Learning from Natural Systems — A Workshop
    A Research Strategy for Environmental, Health, and Safety Aspects of Engineered Nanomaterials
    A Review of the Manufacturing-Related Programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Fiscal Year 2012
    Sex-Specific Reporting of Scientific Research — A Workshop Summary
    The Social Biology of Microbial Communities — Workshop Summary
    Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future
    Using Data Sharing to Improve Coordination in Peacebuilding — Report of a Workshop by the National Academy of Engineering and the United States Institute of Peace Roundtable on Technology, Science, and Peacebuilding
    Using Science as Evidence in Public Policy


    AASHTO [American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials] T 209: Effect of Agitation Equipment Type on Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity Values
    Achieving Airport-Compatible Land Uses and Minimizing Hazardous Obstructions in Navigable Airspace
    Addressing Uncertainty about Future Airport Activity Levels in Airport Decision Making
    Airport Apron Management and Control Programs
    Airport Climate Adaptation and Resilience
    Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE): Emission Reduction Strategies, Inventory, and Tutorial (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Airport Passenger Conveyance Systems Planning Guidebook (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Airport-to-Airport Mutual Aid Programs
    Alternative Fuels as a Means to Reduce PM2.5 Emissions at Airports
    An Ecological Approach to Integrating Conservation and Highway Planning, Volume 2
    An Index and Digest of Decisions: Compilation of Airport Law Resources (CD-ROM)
    Analysis of Existing Data: Prospective Views on Methodological Paradigms
    Appendices to NCHRP Report 693
    Analysis of Managed Lanes on Freeway Facilities
    Application of Enterprise Risk Management at Airports (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Application of LADAR [Light Detection and Ranging] in the Analysis of Aggregate Characteristics
    Assessing and Comparing Environmental Performance of Major Transit Investments
    Assessing Highway Tolling and Pricing Options and Impacts, Vol. 1: Decision-Making Framework; Vol. 2: Travel Demand Forecasting Tools
    Assessing the Long-Term Performance of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
    Asset and Infrastructure Management for Airports—Primer and Guidebook
    Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Skilled Staff for Transportation System Operations and Management
    Audience Measurement for Transit Advertising
    Automated Enforcement for Speeding and Red Light Running
    Building the U.S. Battery Industry for Electric Drive Vehicles -- Summary of a Symposium
    Calibration of Rutting Models for Structural and Mix Design
    Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program: A Status Report -- 2012
    Communicating the Value of Preservation
    A Compendium of Best Practices and Lessons Learned for Improving Local Community Recovery From Disastrous Hazardous Materials Transportation Incidents
    Competition Requirements of the Design/Build, Construction Manager at Risk, and Public-Private Partnership Contracts: Seven Case Studies
    Compilation of State Airport Authorizing Legislation
    Considering and Evaluating Airport Privatization (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Construction 2012
    Cost-Effective and Sustainable Road Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control
    Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience; Emergency Evacuation 2011
    Current Hazardous Materials Transportation Research and Future Needs
    Data Needs for Assessing Rural Transit Needs, Benefits, and Levels of Service
    Dedicated Revenue Mechanisms for Freight Transportation Investment
    Design and Management of Historic Roads
    Design Guidance for Freeway Mainline Ramp Terminals
    Design Guidance for High-Speed to Low-Speed Transition Zones for Rural Highways
    Developing, Enhancing, and Sustaining Tribal Transit Services: A Guidebook
    Developing, Enhancing, and Sustaining Tribal Transit Services: Final Research Report
    Development of Analysis Methods Using Recent Data
    Distracted Driving Countermeasures for Commercial Vehicles
    Driver Selection Tests and Measurement
    Effective Experiment Design and Data Analysis in Transportation Research
    Elevator and Escalator Maintenance and Safety Practices
    Elimination or Reduction of Baggage Recheck for Arriving International Passengers
    Energy and Global Climate Change 2011
    Energy and Global Climate Change 2012
    Engineering Economic Analysis Practices for Highway Investment
    Environment 2012
    Estimating Life Expectancies of Highway Assets, Vol. 1: Guidebook and Vol. 2: Final Report
    Estimating the Effects of Pavement Condition on Vehicle Operating Costs
    Evaluating Airfield Capacity
    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Offshore Safety and Environmental Management Systems
    Evaluation of Bridge Scour Research
    Evaluation of the Use of Electronic Shipping Papers for Hazardous Materials Shipments
    Expedited Planning and Environmental Review of Highway Projects
    Expedited Procurement Procedures for Emergency Construction Services
    Expediting Aircraft Recovery at Airports
    Exploring Airport Employee Commute and Parking Strategies
    Extent of Highway Capacity Manual Use in Planning
    Fatigue Evaluation of Steel Bridges
    Fatigue Loading and Design Methodology for High-Mast Lighting Towers
    Financing Surface Transportation in the United States: Forging a Sustainable Future -- Now! Summary of the Fourth International Conference
    Freight Systems 2012
    Freight Systems 2012: Modeling and Logistics
    Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2012
    Geomaterials 2012
    Geotechnical Information Practices in Design-Build Projects
    Going the Distance Together: A Citizen’s Guide to Context Sensitive Solutions for Better Transportation
    Graduate Research Award Program on Public Sector Aviation Issues
    Guidance for Quantifying the Contribution of Airport Emissions to Local Air Quality (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidance for the Selection, Use, and Maintenance of Cable Barrier Systems
    A Guide for Implementing Bus on Shoulder (BOS) Systems
    Guide for Managing NEPA [National Environmental Policy Act]: Related and Other Risks in Project Delivery
    Guidebook for Airport Irregular Operations (IROPS) Contingency Planning
    Guidebook for Assessing Evolving International Container Chassis Supply Models
    Guidebook for Developing General Aviation Airport Business Plans (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidebook for Evaluating Fuel Purchasing Strategies for Public Transit Agencies
    Guidebook for Evaluating Terminal Renewal versus Replacement Options
    Guidebook for Implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems Elements to Improve Airport Traveler Access Information (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidebook for Incorporating Sustainability into Traditional Airport Projects (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidebook for Measuring Performance of Automated People Mover Systems at Airports
    A Guidebook for Nighttime Construction: Impacts on Safety, Quality, and Productivity
    Guidebook for Selecting Methods to Monitor Airport and Aircraft Deicing Materials; plus Fact Sheets:  On-Site Monitoring Methods
    Guidebook for Understanding Urban Goods Movement (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidelines for Analysis Methods and Construction Engineering of Curved and Skewed Steel Girder Bridges
    Guidelines for Evaluating and Selecting Modifications to Existing Roadway Drainage Infrastructure to Improve Water Quality in Ultra-Urban Areas (w/supplemental on CD-ROM)
    Guidelines for Ferry Transportation Services
    Guidelines for Integrating Alternative Jet Fuel into the Airport Setting
    Guidelines for Project Selection and Materials Sampling, Conditioning, and Testing in WMA Research Studies
    Guidelines for Providing Access to Public Transportation Stations (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Guidelines for Timing Yellow and All-Red Intervals at Signalized Intersections
    Handbook for Evaluating Emissions and Costs of APUs and Alternative Systems
    Handbook on Applying Environmental Benchmarking in Freight Transportation
    High-Performance/High-Strength Lightweight Concrete for Bridge Girders and Decks
    Highway and Traffic Safety: Vehicles, Behavior, and Roundabouts
    Highway Capacity and Quality of Service 2011
    Highway Capacity and Quality of Service 2012
    Highway Design 2011
    Highway Safety 2012: Traffic Law Enforcement, Alcohol, Occupant Protection, Motorcycles, and Trucks
    Highway Safety Manual Training Materials (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Human Factors Guidelines for Road Systems: Second Edition
    Hydraulic Loss Coefficients for Culverts
    Identification of Utility Conflicts and Solutions
    Implementation and Outcomes of Fare-Free Transit Systems
    Improving ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling (with supporting material on CD-ROM)
    Improving Bus Transit Safety Through Rewards and Discipline
    Information Technology Systems at Airports: A Primer
    Institutional Architectures to Improve Systems Operations and Management
    Integration of Analysis Methods and Development of Analysis Plan
    Intelligent Transportation Systems and Vehicle-Highway Automation 2011
    Interactions Between Transportation Capacity, Economic Systems, and Land Use
    Issues with Use of Airfield LED [Light Emitting Diode] Light Fixtures
    Legal Aspects of Airport Programs: An Update
    Legal Issues Involving Surety for Public Transportation Projects
    Lessons Learned From Airport Safety Management Systems Pilot Studies
    Linking Community Visioning and Highway Capacity Planning
    Local and State Partnerships with Taxicab Companies
    Local Policies and Practices that Support Safe Pedestrian Environments
    Long-Term Performance of Polymer Concrete for Bridge Decks
    Maintenance Services and Surface Weather 2011
    Maintenance Services and Surface Weather 2012
    Managing Aerial Firefighting Activities on Airports
    Marine Highway Transport of Toxic Inhalation Hazard Materials
    Marine Transportation, Marine Environment, and Port Terminal Operations 2012
    Measurement of Gaseous HAP Emissions From Idling Aircraft as a Function of Engine and Ambient Conditions
    Methodologies to Estimate the Economic Impacts of Disruptions to the Goods Movement System
    Methodology for Determining the Economic Development Impacts of Transit Projects
    A Model for Identifying and Evaluating the Historic Significance of Post-World War II Housing
    Multimodal Freight Transportation within the Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence Basin
    NCHRP at 50 Years
    Network Modeling 2011
    Network Modeling 2012, Vol. 1
    Network Modeling 2012, Vol. 2
    Off-Board Fare Payment Using Proof-of-Payment Verification
    Operation of Light Rail Transit Through Ungated Crossings at Speeds over 35 MPH
    Operator Drug- and Alcohol-Testing Across Modes
    Optimization of Tack Coat for HMA Placement
    Pavement Management 2011, Vol. 1
    Pedestrians 2011
    Performance-Based Highway Maintenance and Operations Management
    Performance-Based Track Geometry, Phase 1
    Planning 2011, Vol 2
    Practical Approaches for Involving Traditionally Underserved Populations in Transportation Decisionmaking
    Practices and Procedures for Site-Specific Evaluations of Earthquake Ground Motions
    Practices for Wayside Rail Transit Worker Protection
    Practices to Manage Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity
    Preserving and Protecting Freight Infrastructure and Routes (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Procurement of Airport Development and Planning Contracts
    A Proposed Technology Evaluation Program for Warm Mix Asphalt
    Public-Sector Aviation: Graduate Research Award Papers, 2010-2011
    Railways 2011, Including 2011 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
    The Ramifications of Post-Kelo Legislation on State Transportation Projects
    Recent Roadway Geometric Design Research for Improved Safety and Operations
    Ridesharing as a Complement to Transit
    Role of Human Factors in Preventing Cargo Tank Truck Rollovers
    Rural Public Transportation Strategies for Responding to the Livable and Sustainable Communities Initiative
    Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation 2011, Vol. 2
    Safety Management in Small Motor Carriers
    The Safety Promise and Challenge of Automotive Electronics: Insights From Unintended Acceleration
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  • Scour at Bridge Foundations on Rock
    Seismic Design of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Bridge Abutments with Modular Block Facing
    Selected State DOT [Department of Transportation] Cost-Reduction Initiatives for the Administration of State Public Transportation Programs
    Significant Findings From Full-Scale Accelerate Pavement Testing
    State and Federal Regulations That May Affect Initiatives to Reduce Airports' GHG Emissions
    State DOT Financial Auditing Requirements for Public Transportation Assistance Programs
    State of Good Repair: Prioritizing the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Capital Assets and Evaluating the Implications for Transit
    Structural Design of Culvert Joints
    Structures 2011
    Subsurface Utility Engineering Information Management for Airports
    Summary of Research Findings: Assessing and Comparing Environmental Performance of Major Transit Investments
    The Superpave Mix Design System: Anatomy of a Research Program
    Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation: Ways to Improve It
    Sustainable Pavement Maintenance Practices
    Sustainable Practices, Performance Measures, and Management
    A Toolkit for Reporting Rural and Specialized Transit Data: Making Transit Count
    Tort Liability Defense Practices for Design Flexibility
    Track Design Handbook for Light Rail Transit: Second Edition
    Traffic Control Devices, Visibility, and Highway-Rail Grade Crossings 2012
    Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics 2011
    Traffic Signal Systems 2011
    Training of Traffic Incident Responders
    Transforming Public Transportation Institutional and Business Models
    Transit 2011, Vol. 1
    Transit 2012, Vol. 1, Including 2012 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture
    Transit 2012, Vol. 2
    Transit Agency Intergovernmental Agreements: Common Issues and Solutions (with supplemental material on CD-ROM)
    Transit Labor 13(c) Employee Protection Digest on CD-ROM
    Travel Demand Forecasting: Parameters and Techniques
    Travel Forecasting 2011, Vol. 1
    Travel Forecasting 2011, Vol. 2
    Travel Survey Methods, Freight Data Systems, and Asset Management 2012
    Traveler Response to Transportation System Changes, Chapter 16: Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities
    Urban and Traffic Data Systems
    Use of the U.S. Census Bureau's Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) by State Departments of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations
    Use of Towbarless Tractors at Airports—Best Practices
    Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation
    Waterproofing Membranes for Concrete Bridge Decks
    Winter Design-Storm Factor Determination for Airports