ASADI has assisted African science academy staff in developing stronger skills to build complex advisory capacities within each academy. Close one-on-one partnering relationships between US National Academies staff and African science academy staff'linking counterparts at the managerial, financial, program, research, and administrative levels are contributing to the development of skills to support the full array of academy operations, including:

  • Establishing and sustaining relationships with government agencies and other organizations
  • Planning and implementing projects of the highest quality
  • Scheduling, preparing for, and managing meetings
  • Establishing advisory committee management procedures
  • Identifying and recruiting expert advisers
  • Preparing literature reviews
  • Writing and editing high-quality, peer-reviewed reports
  • Communicating with the media and disseminating Academy products
  • Managing finances and developing budgets
  • Managing personnel
  • Fund'raising and preparing proposals
  • Developing leadership and oversight functions

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The African Science Academy Development Initiative is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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