Building Capacity in Academies of Science: On-line Reference

This reference material is designed to provide a better understanding of academies' policy advising work. In it is a mix of training materials, testimonials, power point presentations, and group activities where different approaches to strengthening the capacity of academies to provide evidence-based policy advice are discussed.

Academy Purpose and Function

Strategic Considerations for Academies

  1. Different Types of Academies
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Financial Structure of Academies
  4. Governance Structures of Academies
  5. Role of Academy Staff
  6. Role of Academy Members and Leadership
  7. Types of Academy Policies
  8. Administration of Academies
  9. Communication and Outreach Activities of Academies

Programmatic Activity for Academies with A Policy Advising Portfolio

  1. Academy Staff Roles in Policy Advising Activities
  2. Generic Training for Staff
  3. Project Initiation
  4. Composing Committees
  5. Workshops and Convening Activities
  6. Consensus Activities
  7. Report Review Process
  8. Dissemination and Communication of Academy Products

Financial Adminstration of Academies

Organizing Annual Meetings - Sharing Experiences

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