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The Gulf Research Program (GRP) is an independent, science-based program founded in 2013. Through grants, fellowships, and other activities, the program seeks to enhance offshore energy system safety and protect human health and the environment in the Gulf of Mexico and other regions along the U.S. outer continental shelf. Each year the GRP produces an annual report to summarize how funds were used. These reports review accomplishments, highlight activities, and, over time, will assess metrics to determine how the program is progressing in accomplishing its goals.

2017 Annual report cover new thumbnail The Gulf Research Program Annual Report 2016 (2017)
The 2016 annual report captures key developments and successes in 2016, as the GRP ramped up its grant offerings with five competitions for five different grant types: exploratory, synthesis, capacity building, research-practice, and research and development. The GRP continues to build on its past work and seeks to learn, think about, and plan for how and where it can have the greatest cumulative and lasting impacts. This is the third report in this series.
2015 Annual Report cover thumbnail The Gulf Research Program Annual Report 2015 (2016)
The 2015 annual report captures key developments and successes in 2015, as the GRP began to implement its strategic vision and conducted its first funding competitions, investing more than $6.5 million in institutions and people in the Gulf region and beyond. It also introduces four initiatives that characterize the program’s main areas of interest. These initiatives will guide the development of a portfolio of grants, fellowships, and other activities with cumulative and lasting impact. This is the second report in this series.
2013 Annual report cover thumbnail The Gulf Research Program Annual Report 2013-2014 (2015)
The 2013-2014 annual report highlights the establishment and first activities of the GRP, including reviewing some of the GRP’s key accomplishments and how what was learned throughout the planning process shaped the program's foundation - from its strategic vision to the initial funding opportunities. The GRP will build on this foundation while evolving to meet new challenges during its 30-year duration, 2013-2043. This is the first report in this series.