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Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems Grants 2 (accepting applications)
Topic: Fostering Innovation to Improve Understanding and Prediction of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current System
Grant Type: Loop Current System Research Campaign

Grant Process - No LOI - 1 - Full Application Period

Grants of up to 18 months to support innovative theories, technologies, or methodologies that build upon existing understanding of the dynamics driving the LCS and could help improve forecasting capabilities of the Loop Current and its associated eddies.

Safer Offshore Energy Systems Grants 4 (accepting applications)
Topic: Advancing Safety Culture in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
Grant Type: Research & Development

Grant Process - 2 - Full Application Period

Grants of up to 36 months to support research that will advance understanding and facilitate improvement of safety culture in the offshore oil and gas industry. This funding opportunity is based on priority research areas identified during two GRP-sponsored workshops held in 2018 to identify specific and implementable research that could help improve process safety within the offshore oil and gas industry.

Thriving Communities Grants 5 (no longer accepting applications)
Topic: Enhancing Coastal Community Resilience and Well-being in the Gulf of Mexico Region
Grant Type: Research-Practice

Grant Process - 3 - Review Period

Grants of up to 36 months to support efforts in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico region that will 1) increase understanding of how community attributes and systems (e.g., social, health, economic, and/or environmental) interact and influence a community’s capacity to adapt and thrive, and 2) provide actionable information and strategies that can be used to implement policies and practices that enhance community resilience.

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