America's Obesity Crisis

The Weight of the Nation sheds new light on the facts and myths of this urgent public health issue and explore how obesity is impacting our nation and the health care system. This multipronged project features a series of four documentary films, a three-part HBO Family series, 14 bonus short films, a social media campaign, a companion book, and a nationwide community-based outreach campaign. The four-part documentary series and other facets of the initiative were developed with expert input from the IOM as well as CDC and NIH. The three-part The Weight of the Nation for Kids series aired in May 2013.

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The Great Cafeteria Takeover    Kebreeya's Salad Days

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Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation

Two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are overweight or obese. Left unchecked, obesity's effects on health, health care costs, and our productivity as a nation could become catastrophic. The staggering human toll of obesity-related chronic disease and disability and an annual cost of $190.2 billion for treating obesity-related illness underscore the urgent need to strengthen obesity prevention efforts in the United States. The IOM evaluated prior obesity-prevention strategies and identified recommendations to accelerate progress.

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Part I: Consequences

  Part II: Choices
Part III: Children in Crisis Part IV: Challenges



The Weight of the Nation: To Win, We Have to Lose

A new book co-authored by Judith Salerno, Leonard D. Schaeffer Executive Officer of the Institute of Medicine, examines the array of factors that feed America’s obesity problem -- from the human body itself, which evolved to crave more food than it needs, to restaurant portion sizes that pack a day’s worth of calories into one meal, to neighborhoods and workplaces that encourage little physical activity. The book debunks common myths about obesity and offers no-nonsense advice on steps individuals can take to eat healthy, stay active, lose weight, and keep it off.

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