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  • Microbial Threats to Health: Emergence, Detection, and Response Consensus Study
    The purpose of the study was to review the current state of knowledge and policy responses concerning emerging infectious diseases.
  • Responding to the Psychological Consequences of Terrorism Consensus Study
    The intent of the study is to highlight critical issues regarding the mental health response to terrorism and to provide possible options for intervention and for policy. Particular attention will be paid to the infrastructure for the implementation ...
  • Incorporating Research into Psychiatry Residency Training Consensus Study
    An Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee will provide strategies that permit research experience and/or more intensive research training tracks while meeting the requirements for clinical competency in Adult and Child Psychiatry.
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences in Medical School Curricula Consensus Study
    A committee will review the approaches used by medical schools that have incorporated behavioral and social sciences into their curricula, develop a list of prioritized topics from the behavioral and social sciences for possible inclusion in medical ...
  • Pathophysiology and Prevention of Adolescent and Adult Suicide Consensus Study
    The Institute of Medicine study committee examined the state of the science base, gaps in our knowledge, strategies for prevention, and research designs for the study of suicide.
  • Committee on Health Literacy Consensus Study
    This study assessed the problem of health literacy and consider the next steps within a public health/public education framework.
  • Long-term Follow-up of Army Personnel Potentially Exposed to Chemical Warfare Agents Epidemiological Study
    The long-term health effects of low level chemical warfare agent exposure are of considerable interest in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War. This epidemiological study of the morbidity and mortality outcomes of military personnel potentially...
  • Health Effects of Vietnam Veterans of Exposure to Herbicides (Fourth Biennial Update) Consensus Study
    This study prepared an updated review and evaluation of the available scientific evidence regarding the statistical association between exposure to dioxin or to the herbicides used in Vietnam and various adverse health outcomes.
  • Committee on Case Studies in School Violence Consensus Study
    In 2001, Congress requested that the National Research Council study the school violence phenomenon, specifically asking that detailed case studies be developed of the circumstances that led to extreme lethal violence in schools. The goal was to use ...
  • Informing The Future General Publication
    This biannual publication highlights the work of the IOM over a two year period, providing insight into the nature of the IOM’s work and its distinctive role in health and health policy.