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  • The Public Health Dimensions of Cognitive Aging Consensus Study
    The Institute of Medicine will conduct a study to examine cognitive health and aging, as distinct from Alzheimer's disease.
  • Workshop on Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging Stand Alone Workshop
    The impact of hearing loss on healthy aging in older adults has largely not been considered despite hearing loss being independently associated with cognitive and physical functional decline, an increased risk of developing dementia, mortality, and...
  • Committee on Approaching Death: Addressing Key End of Life Issues Consensus Study
    The IOM will conduct a consensus study that will produce a technical report on the current state of end-of-life care with respect to delivery of medical care and social support; patient-family-provider communication of values and preferences;...
  • Understanding Cross-National Health Differences Among High-Income Countries Consensus Study
    A National Research Council (NRC) and IOM committee is examining what is known about international differences among high-income countries in measures of health and disability over the life-cycle and what implications those findings have on public...
  • Improving the Quality of Cancer Care: Addressing the Challenges of an Aging Population Consensus Study
    An IOM committee will examine issues in the quality of cancer care with a specific focus on the demographic changes that will rapidly accelerate the number of new cancer diagnoses at a time when workforce shortages are predicted. The goal of this...
  • Forum on Aging, Disability, and Independence Forum
    The number of adults 65 years and older and individuals living with disabilities is expected to increase significantly over the next decades. As a result, the need to examine the issues and challenges associated with aging and disability continue to ...
  • Nutrition and Healthy Aging in the Community Stand Alone Workshop
    The IOM will hold a public workshop to explore technical and policy issues related to community-based delivery of nutrition services for older adults. Through invited presentations and discussions of social services and nutrition professionals and...
  • The Mental Health Workforce for Geriatric Populations Consensus Study
    The IOM will seek to determine the mental and behavioral health care needs of Americans who are over 65 years of age and make policy recommendations for how to meet those needs through a competent and well-trained mental health workforce.
  • Personal Care Workforce: This page was moved Stand Alone Workshop
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  • Reexamination of IOM Pregnancy Weight Guidelines Consensus Study
    An ad hoc committee will review and update the 1990 Institute of Medicine recommendations for weight gain during pregnancy and recommend ways to encourage their adoption through clinical guidance, consumer education, and public health strategies