Workshop on the Synthesis of Research on Adolescent Health and Development

Type: Stand Alone Workshop
Topics: Children and Families, Public Health, Select Populations and Health Equity, Substance Use and Mental Health
Board: Board on Children, Youth, and Families

Activity Description

The program committee organized and convened a workshop to describe the emerging fields of research on adolescent health and development that offer significant implications the health behaviors and the delivery of health care services for youth and young adults. The workshop addressed the following objectives:

- To highlight emerging fields of research that are of particular relevance to understanding fundamental processes of adolescent and young adult health and development, including advances in biological, behavioral, and social sciences;

- To consider frontier areas of research that are important to address but need further development;

- To examine the strengths and limitations of different theoretical and developmental frameworks for the organization and classification of scientific knowledge about this field and adolescent and young adult age groups;

- To identify opportunities for synthesizing research on adolescents and young adults that contribute to the to the promotion of their health and positive development, delivery of health care services to them, and the prevention of behaviors that jeopardize their current and future health, safety, and well-being; and

- To examine the need for, and feasibility of launching, an in-depth contextual study that synthesizes adolescent and young adult research and connects its findings to advance health promotion and prevention services, programs, and policies for these age groups.