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Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity Prevention

Lessons Learned from Other Areas (31:29 )

Stephen Teret describes his experience in other areas such as Seatbelts and Firearm safety in order to provide a background for using legal strategies in public health campaigns.

  • Lessons Learned from Other Areas Stephen Teret
    Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health

    Stephen Teret describes his experience in other areas such as Seatbelts and Firearm...

Closing Remarks: Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity...
William Dietz
Standing Committee and Planning Committee Member

Dr. William Dietz recounts the day's discussion.

Lessons Learned from Other Areas
Stephen Teret
Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health

Stephen Teret describes his experience in other areas such as Seatbelts and Firearm...

Panel I, Moderator Overview: Improving Food Marketing and...
Mary Story
University of Minnesota

Mary Story provides an overview and welcomes the panel.

Panel I, Part 1: Food Industry Perspectives and Roles
Scott Faber
Grocery Manufacturers Association

Scott Faber outlines the efforts that the food industry has made in using accurate...

Panel I, Part 2: FTC Authority and Actions
David Vladeck
Federal Trade Commission

David Vladeck explains the parameters of the FTC’s authority and describes progress being ...

Panel I, Part 3: FDA Menu Labeling, Nutrition Labeling, and ...
Barbara Schneeman
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA

Barbara Schneeman explains specific issues in dealing with labeling, and Michael Landa...

Panel I, Q&A

Discussion/Audience Q&A

Panel II, Moderator Overview: Improving Food Sales and...
Shiriki Kumanyika
University of Pennsylvania

Shiriki Kumanyika introduces second panel on improving food sales and restaurant...

Panel II, Part 1: Innovative Uses of Government Authority
Jennifer Pomeranz
Yale University

Jennifer Pomeranz describes how governments could become more involved in ensuring that...

Panel II, Part 2: Food Industry Perspectives and Roles
Joan Rector McGlockton
National Restaurant Association

Joan Rector McGlockton gives an overview of what the restaurant industry has achieved and ...

Panel II, Part 3: Using Taxes to Influence Food Purchasing...
Lisa Powell
University of Illinois

Lisa Powell summarizes new research regarding tax strategies for sugar sweetened...

Panel II, Q&A

Discussion/Audience Q&A

Panel III, Moderator Overview: Using the Law to Increase...
Russell Pate
University of South Carolina

Russell Pate welcomes the panel and gives an overview about using the law to increase...

Panel III, Part 1: Civil Rights and Social Justice...
Robert Garcia
The City Project, Los Angeles

Robert Garcia explains the concept of access to opportunities for physical activity as a...

Panel III, Part 2: Increasing Physical Activity in...
Marice Ashe
Public Health Law and Policy

Marice Ash provides a broad overview of how local policies can be changed to create...

Panel III, Q&A

Discussion/Audience Q&A

Panel IV Moderator Overview: Using Litigation to Make Change
Stephen Sugarman
University of California, Berkeley

Stephen Sugarman provides a brief background in litigation in tobacco.

Panel IV, Part 1: Lessons and Opportunities
Mark Gottlieb
Public Health Advocacy Institute, Boston

Mark Gottlieb describes opportunities for litigation on the basis of consumer protection.

Panel IV, Part 2: Lessons and Opportunities
Michael Jacobson
Center for Science in the Public Interest

Michael Jacobson recounts experiences in using litigation as one tool to enact change...

Panel IV, Part 3: Food Industry Perspective and Roles
Joseph Price
Faegre and Benson, Minneapolis

Joseph Price provides insight to the shortcomings of litigation as a tool to prevent...

Panel IV, Q&A

Discussion/Audience Q&A

Panel V, Moderator Overview: State and Local Obesity...
Joseph Thompson
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Joseph Thompson welcomes the panel and provides an overview on state and local obesity...

Panel V, Part 1: City and County Actions
James Krieger
Seattle and King County Public Health

James Krieger describes how plans became law in Seattle, focusing on menu labeling.

Panel V, Part 2: Role of State Attorneys General
William Sorrell
Attorney General of Vermont

William Sorrell explains the responsibilities of Attorneys general, and explains how they ...

Panel V, Part 3: Statutory and Regulatory Models for...
Sara Benjamin Neelon
Duke University

Sara Benjamin Neelon outlines the complexity and challenges of having healthful...

Panel V, Q&A

Discussion/Audience Q&A

Welcome, Introduction, and Workshop Overview
Shiriki Kumanyika
University of Pennsylvania

Shiriki Kumanyika, Standing Committee Chair, welcomes the panelists and attendees. Kelly...

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