Empowering Women and Strengthening Health Systems and Services Through Investing in Nursing and Midwifery Enterprise: Lessons from Lower-Income Countries

When: September 8, 2014 - September 11, 2014 (9:00 AM Eastern)
Where: The Rockefeller’s Bellagio Center

Topics Education, Global Health, Health Care Workforce
Activity: Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education
Board: Board on Global Health

An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the Institute of Medicine will plan a two-day public workshop that is aimed at exploring, explaining, and informing translation of models and lessons learned relating to innovative investment in nursing and midwifery training and enterprising practices as avenues for empowerment of women, and strengthening of community-based health services in lower income countries.  Presentations and discussions will also explore ways in which these models might be advanced globally to better achieve the social mission of the health professions and to explore their relevance and potential application in the United States. 

This global workshop, to be held at the Rockefeller's Bellagio Center in Italy, will convene experts in the areas of women's empowerment/ development, health systems' capacity building, social enterprise and finance, and nursing and midwifery.  The committee will organize and conduct the workshop, select and invite speakers, and moderate sessions at the workshop. Following the conclusion of the workshop, an individually authored summary of the presentations and discussions will be prepared by a designated rapporteur in accordance with institutional guidelines.

To download the workshop summary free of charge, click here.

The meeting was free and open to the public. PowerPoint presentations can be found in the links on the right side of this page.

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