Measuring the Impact of Interprofessional Education (IPE) on Collaborative Practice and Patient Outcomes: A Consensus Study

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Education, Global Health, Health Care Workforce
Board: Board on Global Health

Activity Description

An IOM committee will examine the methods needed to measure the impact of interprofessional education (IPE) on collaborative practice, patient outcomes or both, as determined by the available evidence. Considerable research on IPE has focused on assessing student learning, but only recently have researchers begun looking beyond the classroom for impacts of IPE on such issues as patient safety, provider and patient satisfaction, quality of care, community health outcomes, and cost savings.

The committee will analyze the available data and information to determine the best methods for measuring the impact of IPE on specific aspects of health care delivery and health care systems functioning, such as IPE impacts on collaborative practice and patient outcomes (including safety and quality of care). Following review of the available evidence, the committee will recommend a range of different approaches based on the best available methodologies that measure the impact of IPE on collaborative practice, patient outcomes or both. The committee will also identify gaps where further research is needed. These recommendations will be targeted primarily at health professional educational leaders.

The committee held an open session meeting on October 7, 2014. Click here to view the webcast videos and PowerPoint presentations from the open session meeting.

On August 29-30 and November 29-30, 2012, the Institute of Medicine Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education held a workshop series exploring issues related to interprofessional education (IPE). The Forum members selected IPE as a topic to be addressed in this fast-track study. The activity is run through the Board on Global Health. The recommendations of the study will inform the work of the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education. 

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