Forum on Global Violence Prevention

Type: Forum
Topics: Global Health, Children, Youth and Families, Substance Use and Mental Health
Boards: Board on Global Health, Board on Children, Youth, and Families, DBASSE Committee on Law and Justice

Activity Description

Violence—for example, child abuse, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, sexual violence, gang violence, and suicide—is a major public health problem worldwide. In 2001, violence accounted for 45 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) lost, with low- and middle-income countries bearing the largest burden (DALYs are healthy years lost, and are used to measure the global burden of disease or violence). But violence can be prevented. The Health and Medicine's Forum on Global Violence Prevention works to reduce violence worldwide by promoting research on both protective and risk factors and encouraging evidence-based prevention efforts. The Forum aims to facilitate dialogue and exchange by bringing together experts from all areas of violence prevention, including behavioral scientists, policy makers, criminal justice professionals, social service providers, economists, legal experts, journalists, philanthropists, faith-based organizations, corporate social responsibility officers, among others.

As part of its overall goal to reduce the burden of violence and promote the healthy development of individuals and communities, the Forum:

  1. Provides an ongoing, regular, evidence-based, impartial setting for the multidisciplinary exchange of information and ideas concerning violence prevention;
  2. Illuminates policy, research, and practice priorities worthy of further study or investment; and
  3. Gathers information on the scientific basis and public health needs pertinent to global violence prevention.

 Through it's activities, the Forum explores pressing issues in the area of global violence prevention that have the following characteristics:

  • Cross-sectional in nature and includes multiples forms of violence
  • Global and relevant across settings
  • Potential for slate of diverse speakers and robust discussions
  • Potential for collaboration with other entities that can expand the reach of the Forum 
  • Potential for impact and moving the field forward
  • Opportunities for bi-directional learning
  • A challenging evidentiary base
  • Relevant to a broad range of stakeholders and potentially appealing to additional funders 
  • Address a timely issue
  • Build on topics/key messages from previous Forum workshop


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