Evaluating Progress of Obesity Prevention Efforts

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Children and Families, Food and Nutrition, Public Health
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

During the past 30 years, adult obesity rates in the United States have doubled, and childhood obesity rates have more than tripled. Since 2005, a critical shift has occurred regarding the way in which we view obesity. Rather than seeing obesity as a problem resulting solely from individual behaviors, obesity is now widely regarded as a result of the interactions among individual behaviors, genetic predisposition, and environments that influence opportunities for engaging in physical activity and eating behaviors that allow individuals to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. In 2012, the IOM released Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation, a report which recommended societal level actions to accelerate progress in obesity prevention over the next decade and indicators to measure progress in implementing these actions. In conjunction with the release of this report, a larger public health campaign to address obesity, The Weight of the Nation, was launched in collaboration with IOM, HBO, NIH, and CDC, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, and Kaiser Permanente.

In this new study, the committee will develop an actionable national-level plan for measuring progress of obesity prevention efforts. Specifically, the study will draw on the recommendations of Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention and consider new metrics to measure progress in developing this plan. The committee will also develop a community-level measurement plan to add support to the national-level plan, and will identify measurement ideas that can determine the impact of the overall HBO/IOM (The Weight of the Nation) campaign.

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