Meeting 2: Committee on Harmonization of Methods for Estimating Nutrient Intake References (Rome, Italy)

When: September 20, 2017 - September 22, 2017 (3:00 AM Eastern)

Topics Food and Nutrition, Global Health
Activity: Application of Methodological Approaches to Global Harmonization of Nutrient Intake Recommendations for Young Children and Women of Reproductive Age
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

The ad hoc committee will be meeting in-person and attending the workshop, Methodological Approaches to Global Harmonization of Nutrient Intake Recommendations, in Rome, Italy. The committee will be using the evidence presented and discussions that take place in the workshop to use a case-study approach to demonstrate the application of a methodological approach for deriving nutrient intake recommendations using a selected nutrient and generate recommendations for methodological approaches to achieve a uniform and consistent basis for setting nutrient intake recommendations for young children and women of child-bearing age across countries. 


Please click this link to register to attend the workshop in person or to view via webcast. 



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