Nutrition and Healthy Aging in the Community

Type: Stand Alone Workshop
Topics: Food and Nutrition, Aging
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) will hold a public workshop to explore technical and policy issues related to nutrition interventions and services for older people staying in community settings. An ad hoc committee has been convened to plan and conduct the 1.5-day workshop. Through invited presentations and discussions among social services and nutrition researchers, program administrators and others, this workshop will address the scope of nutrition needs, the importance, strengths, and weaknesses of nutrition services, and future research needs related to nutrition and healthy aging in the community. The workshop will bring focus to under-appreciated and under-studied aspects of community-based healthy aging and will stimulate dialogue about needed actions and research among health, nutrition, physical activity, and social services researchers and policy makers.

The workshop will be held in Washington, DC on October 5-6, 2011. It is open to the public, but registration is required.

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