Farm and Food Policy: The Relationship to Obesity Prevention

When: May 19, 2011 (8:00 AM Eastern)
Where: Keck Center (100) • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Food and Nutrition, Public Health, Children and Families
Activity: Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

This public session is an information-gathering meeting for the Committee on Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention. The committee’s charge includes: considering relevant information about progress in the implementation of existing recommendations; developing guiding principles for choosing a set of recommendations; identifying a set of recommendations that is fundamental for substantial progress in obesity prevention in the next decade; and recommending potential indicators that can act as markers of progress. Panelists will present information to help the committee better understand of the determinants of food producer, manufacturer, and retailer decision making in the context of obesity prevention and to learn more about the current policy and political context in which farm and food policy decisions are made.

An agenda will be made available shortly.

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