Scanning for New Evidence on the Nutrient Content of Human Milk: A Model for the Derivation of Age-Specific Nutrient Requirements

Type: Consensus Study
Topics: Food and Nutrition, Public Health
Board: Food and Nutrition Board

Activity Description

An ad hoc committee under the auspices of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine will be convened to conduct a literature search and evidence scan of the peer-reviewed published literature on the nutrient content and volume of human milk as an indicator of infant nutritional requirements. The committee will develop pre-specified criteria to characterize nutrient levels in human milk and to identify characteristics of the nutritional quality of human milk in relation to infant requirements to support normal growth and development. A one-day meeting will be convened with selected experts in a discussion of relevant issues. The final product will be a brief summary of the methodology used to conduct the evidence scan, and a table of the reviewed studies and the committee's assessment of the quality of the evidence, but will not include recommendations. The final product will be designed to serve as a template for use in informing development of future dietary reference intake values for infants from birth through 12 months of age, with consideration toward using this model for other age groups, including the elderly. The committee's final product will be reviewed in accordance with institutional requirements.

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