National Preparedness Impacts of the Affordable Care Act- Panel Session at the 2014 Preparedness Summit

When: April 1, 2014 (1:30 PM Eastern)
Where: Atlanta Marriott Marquis (International 8) • 265 Peachtree Center Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303

Topics Biomedical and Health Research, Public Health
Activity: Forum on Medical and Public Health Preparedness for Disasters and Emergencies
Board: Board on Health Sciences Policy

Meeting Background:
As many elements of the Affordable Care Act health reform will be implemented by the end of 2014, it is clear there will continue to be significant changes to the U.S. health system. However, it is not clear what impact these changes will have on medical and public health preparedness programs around the country. This session will highlight key themes and opportunities that were identified at a recent Institute of Medicine workshop on this topic. Discussions will focus on some of the challenges presented by the Affordable Care Act as well as what the preparedness community can do to leverage provisions to strengthen the resilience of the medical and public health preparedness systems. For example, changes to data collected through health information technology may present areas for public health to form new partnerships and access population data that may not have been possible previously. Additionally, changing infrastructure may allow for different opportunities for surge capacity or workforce capability. With case studies of different organizations at various stages of implementation, discussions will also include real life challenges and possibilities being explored as new provisions are being put into action.

Meeting Objectives:
• Discuss challenges and benefits of the Affordable Care Act to disaster preparedness and response efforts around the country
• Explore potential impacts changing health care delivery infrastructure may have on disaster preparedness and response
• Consider how impacts on the health system workforce may impact resilience, emergency preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery
• Consider opportunities for increased collaboration or data sharing with the private sector for stronger pictures of the population’s health.

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