3rd National Stakeholder Meeting: Review of Priorities in the National Vaccine Plan

When: February 2, 2009 - February 3, 2009 (8:30 AM Eastern)
Where: Keck Center • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Public Health, Quality and Patient Safety
Activity: Review of Priorities in the National Vaccine Plan
Board: Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice

The workshop focused on topics related to Goal 3 of the update to the National Vaccine Plan (Support informed vaccine decision-making by the public, providers, and policy makers), and on draft portions of the update recently released by federal agencies with coordination by NVPO.  The draft plan can be read here (by clicking this link you are leaving the IOM website and will be directed to the HHS website).  

The PowerPoint slides have been posted. Audio files will be added when they become available.

February 2, 2009: Third national stakeholder meeting, Washington, DC
February 3, 2009: Closed committee meeting

Please direct any questions to

Third Stakeholder Meeting of the
 Committee on Review of Priorities in the National Vaccine Plan  

Keck Center of the National Academies
500 5th Street, NW
Washington , DC 20001  

February 2, 2009


Please note:
Panelists' titles and affiliations are provided at the end of the agenda.
(*) denotes panelists who will provide brief introductory comments at the beginning of a panel
(†) panelists who contributed to the draft National Vaccine Plan 

8:30 am

Welcome and overview of the agenda and the day’s proceedings

Committee Introductions (audio)
Claire V. Broome
Committee Chair


8:45 am

Panel 1: Who and what informs personal decision-making about immunization?

 Moderator: Edgar Marcuse, IOM Committee Member

 Topics of discussion may include:

  • Science, values, social norms, credibility of sources, ease of access, access to and comprehension of information, behavioral factors (e.g., risk aversion), opinions of formal or informal community leaders
  • Factors for and against using certain sources of information
  • Preferred sources and information needs of diverse populations (age, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Health care providers, their knowledge, and their role


Louis Z. Cooper (Columbia University)
Vicky Debold (NVIC)
Julie Downs (Carnegie Mellon)
Lynda Flowers (AARP)
Samuel L. Katz (Duke University)
Julie Leask (University of Sydney)
Anita Manning (Freelance Journalist)

Mairi Breen Rothman (American College of Nurse-Midwives)
Kristine Sheedy (CDC/NCIRD)

Questions and Comments from the audience 


10:30 am




10:45 am


Panel 2: The science of communication and good practices in communicating about vaccines and immunization 

(audio of introduction)

Moderator: Elaine Chatigny, IOM Committee Member

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Evidence from social and behavioral sciences
  • Gaps in the available research


Julie Downs (Carnegie Mellon)
Julie Leask (University of Sydney)*
Martin Myers (NNii)
Rebecca Parkin (George Washington University)
Kristine Sheedy (CDC/NCIRD)

Questions and Comments from the audience 

(audio of Panel 2)

12:30 pm




1:30 pm

Panel 3: Ethical, legal, and policy issues in communicating about immunization

Moderator: Sara Rosenbaum, IOM Committee Member

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Communicating in the context of policies requiring immunization (e.g., for school entry, for health care workforce)
  • How ethical questions and standards influence communication about immunization


Barbara Loe Fisher (NVIC)
Ross Silverman (Southern Illinois University)
Christina Tan (NJ Department of Health)
L.J. Tan (AMA)

Questions and Comments from the audience 

(audio of Panel 3)

3:15 pm




3:30 pm

Panel 4: Communicating to encourage immunization

Moderator: Richard Mandsager, IOM Committee Member 

(audio of introduction)

Topics of discussion may include:

  • Strengthening the communication activities of public health agencies
  • Lessons to be learned (in general, and from the day's discussions
  • Interactions between public health agencies and the media
  • Meeting public needs and expectations
  • Health care providers, their knowledge, and their role


Louis Z. Cooper (Columbia University)
Samuel L. Katz (Duke University)
Nancy Lee (Social Marketing Services, Inc)*

Martin Myers (NNii)
Rebecca Parkin (George Washington University)
Glen Nowak (CDC/OEC)
Kristine Sheedy (CDC/NCIRD)*
Dean Sidelinger (San Diego County Public Health Services)*
Christina Tan (NJ Department of Health)
L.J. Tan (AMA)

Questions and Comments from the audience 

(audio of Panel 4)



5:30 pm





Louis Z. Cooper
Professor Emeritus, Pediatrics
College of Physicians and Surgeons
Columbia University

Vicky Debold
Director of Patient Safety
National Vaccine Information Center

Julie Downs
Research Scientist
Department of Social and Decision Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University

Lynda Flowers 
Strategic Policy Advisor
AARP Public Policy Institute

Julie Leask 
Senior Research Fellow
National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance
Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Faculty of Medicine
University of Sydney

Nancy Lee 
Social Marketing Services, Inc.

Barbara Loe Fisher
President and Co-Founder
National Vaccine Information Center

Samuel L. Katz 
Wilburt C. Davison Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics
Duke University

Anita Manning
Freelance Journalist

Martin G. Myers 
Executive Director
National Network for Immunization Information (NNii)
Professor of Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine, and Community Health
Associate Director for Public Health Policy and Education
Sealy Center for Vaccine Development
University of Texas Medical Branch

Glen Nowak
Division of Media Relations
Office of Enterprise Communication
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Rebecca Parkin 
Associate Dean, Research and Public Health Practice
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, and
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
School of Public Health and Health Services
George Washington University

Mairi Breen Rothman
Professional Services Consultant
American College of Nurse-Midwives

Kristine Sheedy 
Associate Director
Office of Communication Science
National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Dean Sidelinger 
Deputy Public Health Officer
Public Health Services Administration
San Diego County

Ross Silverman
Chair, Medical Humanities
Professor, Medical Humanities and Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Professor, Medical Jurisprudence
School of Law
Director, Program in Law and Health Policy
Southern Illinois University

Christina Tan 
State Epidemiologist
New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services

L.J. Tan 
Director, Medicine and Public Health
American Medical Association (AMA)

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