Large Simple Trials and Knowledge Generation in a Learning Health System

When: November 26, 2012 - November 27, 2012 (1:00 PM Eastern)
Where: Keck Center (100) • 500 Fifth St. NW, Washington, DC 20001

Topics Biomedical and Health Research, Quality and Patient Safety
Activities: Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care, Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation
Board: HMD Executive Office

Workshop discussions will explore accelerating the use of large simple trials (LSTs) to improve the speed and practicality of knowledge generation for medical decision making and medical product development; the concepts of LST design, examples of successful LSTs, the relative advantages of LSTs, and the infrastructure needed to build LST capacity as a routine function of care; the structural, cultural, and regulatory barriers hindering the development of an enhanced LST capacity; and the needs and strategies in building public demand for, and participation in LSTs. Participants also will consider near-tearm strategies for accelerating progress in the uptake of LSTs in the United States.

This workshop is co-sponsored with the IOM Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation.

View the workshop webcast.

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