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The Roundtable on Genomics and Precision Health (previously called the Roundtable on Translating Genomic-Based Research for Health) brings together leaders from government, academia, industry, foundations, associations, patient communities, and other stakeholder groups to meet and discuss global issues surrounding the translation of genomics and genetics research findings into medicine, public health, education, and policy. The primary purpose of the Roundtable is to foster dialogue across sectors and among interested parties and institutions, and to illuminate and scrutinize critical scientific and policy issues where Roundtable engagement and input will help further the field.

The Roundtable membership identifies scientific and policy issues where discussion and collaboration will help enable the translation of genomics into health care applications. Specific issues and agenda topics are determined by the Roundtable members, and span a broad range of issues relevant to the translation process. Current areas of emphasis include the development of targeted therapeutics and diagnostics, clinical implementation of genomic medicine, health IT and mhealth, the use of genomic information for health care decision making, next generation sequencing, using genomic information and data science to generate knowledge for clinical practice and research, and education and ethical, legal, and social issues.

To achieve its objectives, the Roundtable conducts structured discussions, public workshops, and symposia and enters into information-gathering activities, develops authored perspectives, organizes collaboratives, and publishes workshop summaries.


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Focus Areas

The Roundtable meets in person several times each year to identify and focus on new opportunities and challenges associated with the implementation of genomics research into clinical practice. In between in-person meetings, Roundtable members continue to explore specific challenge areas via small working groups. Working groups focus their action in several ways including the development of public workshops as a way to illuminate critical scientific and policy areas pertaining to genomic medicine. The proceedings of public workshops are disseminated to the public.

Below is a listing of areas of interest for the Roundtable members. Activities and products related to those focus areas can be found by clicking on the boxes below.

Discovering and Developing Precision Therapeutics
    Implementation, Public Health, and Disparities
Education, Engagement, and Cultural Change

Diagnostic Applications 

Regulatory and Reimbursement Processes
  Building Learning Health Care Systems  
Digital Health

Evidence for Policy and Practice


National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Perspectives (either discussion papers or commentaries) are intended to advance the field by spotlighting innovative ideas; share information, expertise, and best practices; and promote dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders. Perspectives provide a mechanism for Roundtable members to disseminate information and expand on topics covered in Roundtable discussions, working groups, and action collaboratives.

The views expressed in Perspectives are those of the authors and not necessarily of the authors' organizations. Perspectives are not a report of the NAM or the National Academies. Find out more about Perspectives at

Commissioned Papers typically elaborate on a topic that directly relates to the work of an activity. Roundtables may commission papers to inform their deliberations or augment the expertise present among the members. Roundtables may also commission papers by experts as background for their discussions and/or meetings, for workshop presentations, or as background for workshop proceedings.

Action Collaboratives

The Roundtable fosters action collaboratives to engage participants with similar interests and responsibilities in cooperative activities that advance goals and themes highlighted by National Academies workshops and meetings. Action collaboratives are ad hoc convening activities which offer opportunities for information sharing and collaboration through participant-driven activities with short-term deliverables.

Examples of Roundtable collaborative activities to date include

  • developing an implementation guide;
  • incubating pilot projects to test innovative mechanisms for translating genomics to clinical care;
  • identifying important issues and convening the necessary expertise to develop potential solutions through individually authored literature; and
  • creating instructional resources and/or “toolboxes” for the field.

Each action collaborative is an ad hoc activity under the auspices of the Roundtable on Genomics and Precision Health at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (the National Academies).  The products of the action collaborative do not necessarily represent the views of any one organization, the Roundtable, or the National Academies and have not been subjected to the review procedures of, nor are they a report or product of, the National Academies.


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