Forum on Regenerative Medicine


The Forum on Regenerative Medicine provides a convening mechanism for interested parties from academia, industry, government, patient and provider organizations, regulators, foundations, and others to meet and discuss sensitive and difficult issues in a neutral setting in order to engage in dialogue and discussions that address the challenges facing the application of, and the opportunities for, regenerative medicine to improve health through the development of effective new therapies. The Forum:

  • Identifies existing and potential barriers to scientific and therapeutic advances;
  • Identifies and discusses opportunities to assist in facilitating more effective partnerships among key stakeholders;
  • Examines the impact that current policies have on the discovery, development, and translation of regenerative medicine therapies;
  • Examines the unique challenges of identifying, validating, and bringing regenerative medicine applications to market; and
  • Explores the ethical, legal, and social issues posed by regenerative medicine advances.


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Focus Areas

The Forum meets in person several times each year to identify and focus on new opportunities and challenges associated with regenerative medicine therapies and their applications. In between in-person meetings, Forum members continue to explore specific challenge areas via small working groups. Working groups focus their action in several ways including the development public workshops as a way to illuminate critical scientific and policy areas pertaining to regenerative medicine. The proceedings of public workshops are disseminated to the public.

Below is a listing of areas of interest for the Forum members. Activities and products related to those focus areas can be found by clicking on the boxes below.

Regulatory and Legislative Affairs
    Manufacturing Regenerative Therapies
Gene Therapy

Tissue Engineering

Patient Perspectives and Communications


National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Perspectives (either discussion papers or commentaries) are intended to advance the field by spotlighting innovative ideas; share information, expertise, and best practices; and promote dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders. Perspectives provide a mechanism for Forum members to disseminate information and expand on topics covered in Forum discussions, working groups, and action collaboratives.

The views expressed in Perspectives are those of the authors and not necessarily of the authors' organizations. Perspectives are not a report of the NAM or the National Academies. Find out more about Perspectives at


Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute | Akron Biotech | Alliance for Regenerative Medicine | American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy | Burroughs Wellcome Fund | California Institute for Regenerative Medicine | Center for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine | U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs | U.S. Food and Drug Administration | GE Healthcare | GlaxoSmithKline | International Society for Cellular Therapy | International Society for Stem Cell Research | Johnson & Johnson | Juno Therapeutics | The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research | National Institute of Standards and Technology | National Institutes of Health | New York Stem Cell Foundation | Parkinson's Foundation | SanofiUnited Therapeutics


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