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News Release

Revised Geographic Adjustments Could Improve Accuracy of Medicare Payments, Will Not Solve Access, Quality Problems
Released: 7/17/2012

Changing the way that Medicare payments are adjusted to account for regional variations in the cost of providing care as recommended by a previous report from the Institute of Medicine would result in payment increases for some hospitals and practitioners and decreases for others, concludes the Phase II report from the IOM study. Geographic adjustments should be used to ensure the accuracy of payments, said the committee that wrote the report, but they are not optimal tools to tackle larger national policy goals such as improving access to care in medically underserved areas.

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News Release

Medicare Should Employ New Data Sources, Methods To Ensure Accuracy Of Geographic Adjustments To Payments
Released: 6/1/2011

Geographic adjustments to Medicare payments are intended to accurately and equitably cover regional variations in wages, rents, and other costs incurred by hospitals and individual health care practitioners, but almost 40 percent of hospitals have been granted exceptions to how their adjustments are calculated, finds a new report from the IOM.

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