• The Neurocognitive and Psychosocial Impacts of Violence: A Workshop Date: July 31, 2017 - August 1, 2017 (8:30 AM Eastern)

    The Forum on Global Violence Prevention will hold a two-day public workshop on the science surrounding the impacts of exposure to violence and trauma on both neurocognitive and psychosocial outcomes with a strong focus on exposure in childhood, and other aspects such as refugee health and/or PTSD in returning combatants.
  • Effective Public Policy Solutions for Global Violence Prevention: A Workshop Date: December 1, 2016 - December 2, 2016 (8:30 AM Eastern)

    On December 1-2, 2016, the Forum on Global Violence Prevention will hold a two-day workshop to illuminate and explore the ways in which violence prevention practitioners can best share their findings and evidence-base with policymakers for the production of effective and impactful policy approaches to violence prevention. This will include an exploration of policymakers' goals and needs and the ways in which violence prevention experts can best communicate their findings to policymakers, as well as an exploration of lessons learned from around the world in this context. The workshop will explore crosscutting approaches to violence prevention and will cover multiple forms of violence across the life-course (such as child maltreatment and violence against children, violence against women, self-directed violence, interpersonal violence, youth violence, and the relationship between alcohol and violence, etc.).
  • Identifying the Role of Violence Prevention in the Post-2015 Global Agenda Date: May 12, 2016 - May 13, 2016 (8:30 AM Eastern)

    The Role of Violence Prevention in the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals
  • Mental Health and Violence: Opportunities for Prevention and Early Intervention - A Workshop Date: February 26, 2014 - February 27, 2014 (9:00 AM Eastern)

    The Institute of Medicine (IOM) will convene a 2-day workshop to explore the relationship between mental health and violence, and the opportunities for prevention and early intervention.