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Investing in Young Children Globally

This video is the product of a planning meeting held in March 2013 to explore the need for a new Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally at the Institute of Medicine. At the meeting, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners examined the global research on the period from birth to age eight as a critical time in shaping children's developmental trajectories. They discussed the state of the research, as well as challenges and opportunities for translating research into programs and policies. Due to clear interest in establishing this forum, efforts are underway to identify members and launch the forum before the end of 2013.

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December 04, 2019

Join us for a 1.5-day public workshop that will examine the major advancements in scientific, technological, and social innovations that have been taking place to tackle microbial threats, including diagnostics, vaccine development and production, new antimicrobials as well as non-pharmaceutical...