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Publications from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine provide objective and straightforward advice to decision makers and the public. This site includes Health and Medicine Division (HMD) publications released after 1998. A complete list of HMD’s publications from its establishment in 1970 to the present is available as a PDF.

  • Spread, Scale, and Sustainability in Population Health ... Released: March 24, 2015
    On December 4, 2014, the Roundtable on Population Health Improvement held its 10th workshop in New York City. The workshop, titled “Achieving Meaningful Population Health Outcomes: A Workshop on Spread and Scale,” focused on the spread, scale, and sustainability of strategies to improve population health in a variety of contexts and sectors.
  • Communicating to Advance the Public's Health: Workshop ... Released: March 17, 2015
    On September 22, 2014, the Roundtable on Population Health Improvement held a workshop to discuss some of the science of health communication, audiences, and messaging, and to explore what it will take to generate widespread awareness, acceptance, and action to improve health, including through the entertainment media, the news media, and social media.
  • Financing Investments in Young Children Globally: Workshop ... Released: March 06, 2015
    On August 26–27, 2014, the Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally hosted its second workshop, in New Delhi, India. The forum’s first workshop, titled “The Cost of Inaction,” was held in Washington, DC, in April 2014 and focused on the science of promoting optimal development through investing in young children and the potential economic consequences of inaction.
  • Empowering Women and Strengthening Health Systems and ... Released: February 09, 2015
    On September 9–11, 2014, the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education and the Forum on Public–Private Partnerships for Global Health and Safety of the Institute of Medicine convened a workshop on empowering women and strengthening health systems and services through investing in nursing and midwifery enterprise. This report highlights examples and explores broad frameworks for existing and potential intersections of different sectors that could lead to better health and well-being of women around the world, and how lessons learned from these examples might be applied in the United States.
  • Future Directions of Credentialing Research in Nursing ... Released: January 07, 2015
    With support from 20 different sponsors, the IOM convened a workshop to examine short- and long-term strategies to advance research on nurse certification and organizational credentialing on September 3 and 4, 2014, in Washington, DC. During the workshop, participants explored topics such as new conceptual frameworks, research gaps and priorities, advancements in research methodologies and data interoperability, and strategies to encourage and communicate research about nurse credentialing across diverse stakeholders.
  • Business Engagement in Building Healthy Communities ... Released: December 18, 2014
    The workshop was designed to explore how businesses can be effective key leaders and partners in improving the health of communities and why this is good for business and for the economic vibrancy of communities.
  • Exploring Opportunities for Collaboration Between Health and ... Released: November 12, 2014
    Literature has consistently identified education as a major factor contributing to health disparities in the United States by geography or demographic characteristics. A diverse body of research has established educational status as a major predictor of health outcomes, examined how health impacts the ability of students to learn, and how life expectancy for people without a high school education, particularly white women, is decreasing. To understand the complex relationships between education and health and explore how this understanding could inform our nation’s investments and policies, the Roundtable on Population Health Improvement held a public workshop in Washington, DC, on June 5, 2014.
  • Financing Investments in Young Children Globally: Workshop ... Released: November 03, 2014
    On August 26-27, 2014, the Forum on Investing in Young Children Globally of the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, in partnership with the Center for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Ambedkar University, Delhi, held a 2-day workshop titled “Financing Investments in Young Children Globally.” The purpose of this workshop was to identify some current issues in financing investments across health, education, nutrition, and social protection that aim to improve children’s developmental potential.
  • Building Health Workforce Capacity Through Community ... Released: October 03, 2014
    On May 1–2, 2014, members of the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education came together to substantively delve into issues affecting the scale-up and spread of health professional education in communities. A purpose of the workshop was to challenge the participants to think about community in new ways that could provide fertile ground for educating health professional students. This document summarizes the workshop.
  • The Role and Potential of Communities in Improving ... Released: September 04, 2014
    The April 10, 2014, workshop, titled The Role and Potential of Communities in Improving Population Health, was designed to facilitate discussion about important ingredients, effective strategies, and other lessons learned in three contexts: youth organizing, community organizing or other types of community participation, and partnerships between community and institutional actors (e.g., universities, public health agencies).