Weighing the Options: Criteria for Evaluating Weight-Management Programs


Many adults in America are obese and many more are dieting at any one time. This has resulted in a weight-loss industry worth billions of dollars a year and growing.

  • What are the long-term results of weight-loss programs?
  • How can people sort through the many programs available and select one that is right for them?

Weighing the Options strives to answer these questions.

Despite widespread public concern about weight, few studies have examined the long-term results of weight-loss programs. One reason that evaluating obesity management is difficult is that no other treatment depends so much on an individual's own initiative and state of mind. This report presents criteria for evaluating treatment programs for obesity and explores what these criteria mean--to health care providers, program designers, researchers, and even overweight people seeking help.

This book provides detailed guidance on how the weight-loss industry can improve its programs to help people be more successful at long-term weight loss. And it provides consumers with tips on selecting a program that will improve their chances of permanently losing excess weight.