The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine: Science, Governance, and the Pursuit of Cures


Report at a Glance

Created in 2005, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has carried out its stem cell research mission at an ambitious pace, successfully and thoughtfully providing more than $1.3 billion in awards to 59 institutions. Given the rapid scientific advances in stem cell science, as well as CIRM’s own development, CIRM must now transition its scientific program and the nature of its partnerships to meet new needs. Central to that challenge is restructuring the organization’s priorities in order to help speed the transformation of promising stem cell therapies into actual medicines available to patients.

At the request of CIRM, the IOM independently reviewed its programs, operations and strategies since its beginning. This report offers recommendations aimed at assisting CIRM as it develops its plans to realize the clinical benefits of regenerative medicine and to build a sustainable platform that takes greatest advantage of its many achievements. Improvements to CIRM’s governance structure, scientific program, and policies are critical to better serving California.