Report at a Glance

Report Brief


Report at a Glance

  • Editable Blank Table to Be Completed by Organizations, Agencies, and Jurisdictions (DOC)
  • Report Brief (PDF, HTML)
  • Toolkit Components: Behavioral Health (PDF)
  • Toolkit Components: Emergency Management (PDF)
  • Toolkit Components: Emergency Medical Services (PDF)
  • Toolkit Components: Hospital and Acute Care (PDF)
  • Toolkit Components: Out-of-Hospital (PDF)
  • Toolkit Components: Public Health (PDF)

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Committee Roster

  • Dan Hanfling, Co-Chair
  • John Hick, Co-Chair
  • View Full Committee Roster

    • Sarita Chung

    • Carol Cunningham

    • Brian Flynn

    • W. Nim Kidd

    • Ann Knebel

    • Linda Scott

    • Anthony Speier

    • Jolene Whitney