Finding a Path to Safety in Food Allergy: Assessment of the Global Burden, Causes, Prevention, Management, and Public Policy


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Food allergy—an adverse health effect arising from a specific immune response that occurs, reproducibly, on exposure to a given food—can affect people’s lives in a number of ways, impacting routine life activities and sometimes diminishing social interactions and potentially causing severe health effects. Although much is known about this complex disease, many fundamental questions remain, and recommendations by public health authorities may be limited by scarce or inconsistent research findings. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine convened an expert, ad hoc committee to examine critical issues related to food allergy. The resulting report, Finding a Path to Safety in Food Allergy, collects and evaluates the scientific evidence on the prevalence, origins, diagnosis, prevention, and management of food allergy and makes recommendations to policy makers, industry leaders, and others to bring about a safe environment for those with food allergy.