Pain Management and Prescription Opioid-Related Harms: Exploring the State of the Evidence: Proceedings of a Workshop in Brief


Note: Proceedings contain the opinion of the presenters, but do NOT reflect the conclusions of the Health and Medicine Division or the National Academies. Learn more about the differences between Reports and Proceedings.

The Committee on Pain Management and Regulatory Strategies to Address Prescription Opioid Abuse was tasked with preparing a report that will identify actions that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and others can take to address the opioid epidemic while taking into account individual need for pain control, including FDA’s development of a formal method to incorporate the broader public health impact of prescription opioids into its future approval decisions regarding opioids. The committee held a workshop that was designed to bring  the committee and the public together to hear presentations and hold discussions on issues that are relevant to this task and to inform the committee’s deliberations. Specifically, the purpose of this workshop was to gather information about the state of the science and potential best practices in pain management, including the evolving role of opioids in pain management; to understand the epidemiology of the prescription opioid epidemic and discuss possible strategies to address it; and to identify potential areas for future research in the field. This Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief highlights the dialogue that emerged from the individual speakers’ presentations and the discussions that followed.