Improving Cancer Diagnosis and Care: Patient Access to Oncologic Imaging and Pathology Expertise and Technologies: Proceedings of a Workshop


Note: Proceedings contain the opinion of the presenters, but do NOT reflect the conclusions of the Health and Medicine Division or the National Academies. Learn more about the differences between Reports and Proceedings.

To examine opportunities to improve cancer diagnosis and care, the National Cancer Policy Forum developed a two-workshop series. The first workshop—held on February 12-13, 2018 in Washington, DC—focused on potential strategies to ensure patients have access to appropriate expertise and technologies in oncologic pathology and imaging to inform cancer diagnosis and subsequent care decisions. The workshop convened stakeholders with a broad range of experience and perspectives, including radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, patient advocates, and representatives of health care organizations. Workshop presentations and discussions examined current diagnostic challenges in cancer care, opportunities to improve the quality of care and accessibility of diagnostic expertise and technologies, and potential strategies to better integrate the diagnostic specialties and foster greater collaboration among pathologists, radiologists, and oncologists. The workshop rapporteurs have prepared this proceedings as a factual summation of the workshop discussions.

The second workshop of the series, The Clinical Application of Computational Methods in Precision Oncology, is planned for October 29-30, 2018. Registration is available at: