Advancing Gene-Targeted Therapies for Central Nervous System Disorders: Proceedings of a Workshop


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On April 23 and 24, 2019, the Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders convened a workshop titled Advancing Gene-Targeted Therapies for Central Nervous System Disorders in Washington, DC. The public workshop brought together experts and key stakeholders from academia, government, industry, philanthropic foundations, and disease/patient-focused nonprofit organizations to explore approaches for advancing the development of gene-targeted therapies for CNS disorders, including approaches that target nucleic acids, such as adeno-associated viruses, antisense oligonucleotides, and RNA interference, as well as gene product-targeted therapies. Participants explored lessons learned from both successful and unsuccessful clinical development programs; new knowledge about the genetic underpinnings of brain disorders; the current status and future potential of gene-targeted therapies for CNS disorders; challenges and potential solutions for translating preclinical findings to approved therapies; and patient and caregiver perspectives.