Developing and Sustaining an Effective and Resilient Oncology Careforce: Proceedings of a Workshop


Report at a Glance

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The landscape of cancer care is rapidly changing. The overall number of cancer survivors—both those undergoing active treatment and those who have completed treatment—is increasing more quickly than the number of clinicians available to care for them. The complexity of cancer care is also increasing, due to factors such as advances in cancer research and treatment; new payment models; widespread adoption of technologies in clinical practice with variable levels of usability, efficiency, and clinical burden; as well as patients and family caregivers shouldering more responsibilities related to cancer treatment and recovery. These challenges raise concerns about the U.S. health care system’s capacity to deliver high-quality cancer care in the coming years.

In February 2019, the National Cancer Policy Forum convened a workshop to examine opportunities to better support the oncology careforce—the health care professionals and family caregivers caring for people with cancer.This Proceedings of a Workshop highlights suggestions from individual participants to improve the delivery of high-quality cancer care by building and sustaining an effective and resilient oncology careforce.