Opportunities for Improving Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities


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Children with disabilities are highly diverse in terms of their health conditions, disability severity, and social environments, yet they share many of the same needs. To help meet these needs, many programs and services to enhance health and functioning of children with disabilities have been developed.

In this context, with support from the Social Security Administration (SSA), a committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine examined programs and services designed to improve the health and functioning outcomes of school-aged children with disabilities across a variety of domains, including health care, education, social needs care, and employment. The resulting report, Opportunities for Improving Programs and Services for Children with Disabilities, describes the characteristics of effective programs and services available to these children and their families; identifies gaps and limitations in access to programs and services, quality of programs and services, the availability of data on childhood disability, and the evidence base for programs and services serving children with disabilities and their families; and aims to help inform opportunities for SSA and other federal, state, local, and private entities to improve the provision of services and supports to children with disabilities and their families, increase data collection and data sharing capacities, and inform decisions about future research efforts.