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New Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

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A new National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine pilot initiative, supported by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, "New Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (SEM)", seeks to identify outstanding early-career SEM leaders to engage in articulating and communicating the evidence base for addressing national and global challenges, to provide new perspectives on issues of importance to the community represented by The National Academies, and to help identify approaches to substantially expand the diversity of expertise that is brought to all of the Academies' convening and advisory activities.

The program is currently seeking recommendations to expand its national network of exceptional young leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and serving the SEM community through science policy, communication, education, outreach, international or interdisciplinary engagement, leadership development, and other activities. Individuals recommended to join the network should be within 10-12 years of an advanced degree.

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As the New Voices initiative is currently in its design phase, the emerging leaders nominated to the national network may be called upon to provide ideas and suggestions for program activities. Over the coming months, more details about the initiative and opportunities for participation will be made available on this website and by e-mail to subscribed recipients. Questions regarding the New Voices pilot initiative may be directed to




Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

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