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Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education

Works to advance the frontiers of the behavioral and social sciences and their applications to public policy. Read more

Division on Earth and Life Studies

Division on Earth and Life Studies

Conducts a range of activities where policy meets the life sciences, including the environment, geography, laboratory animal use, and natural resource issues. Read more

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
Division on Engineering & Physical Sciences

Focuses on government missions in defense, space, and aerospace; national infrastructure challenges; science and engineering disciplines; and continuing assessments of federal labs and research programs. Read more

Policy and Global Affairs Division
Policy and Global Affairs Division

Works to improve S&T public policy, understanding, and education, particularly with regard to national strategies and resources, global affairs, work force, and the economy. Read more

Transportation Research Board
Transportation Research Board

Provides leadership in transportation innovation and progress through research and information exchange. Read more

Gulf Research Program. Photo: NOAA
Gulf Research Program

Thirty-year research program that focuses on human health, environmental protection, and oil system safety in the Gulf of Mexico region. Read more

Recent Studies

Reducing vehicle cost, especially through the development of cheaper, high-performance batteries, and enhancing consumer knowledge are among the ways to increase acceptance of plug-in electric vehicles, says a new National Research Council report.


The original vision for the Next Generation Air Transportation System is not being implemented, and FAA should "reset expectations" for the program, says a new National Research Council report.


Despite uncertainties about the ecological impacts of large-scale implementation of aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in the Everglades, it could be phased in to answer several scientific questions and provide some restoration benefits, says a new National Research Council report.


A new report from the Institute of Medicine presents 15 "vital signs" for tracking progress toward improved health and health care in the U.S.

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Winter 2014

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About the National Research Council

National Research CouncilAs the operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, the National Research Council's mission is to improve government decision making and public policy, increase public understanding, and promote the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge in matters involving science, engineering, technology, and health. Our independent, expert reports and other scientific activities inform policies and actions that have the power to improve the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world.

The Research Council performs its studies and workshops through six major divisions; Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education, Earth and Life Studies, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Policy and Global Affairs, Transportation Research Board, and the Gulf Research Program.

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