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National Research Council
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At A Glance


National Research Council

Bruce B. Darling, Executive Officer
James F. Hinchman, Deputy Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Audrey Mosley, General Counsel

Report Review Committee
Stephen E. Fienberg, Co-Chair
Chris G. Whipple, Co-Chair
Porter Coggeshall, Executive Director

Office of News and Public Information
William J. Skane, Executive Director

Office of Congressional and Government Affairs
James E. Jensen, Executive Director

Office of the General Counsel
Audrey Mosley, General Counsel

Office of Development
James W. Osterholt, Interim Chief Development Officer

Office of Security
Detra D. Bodrick, Interim Director

Institute of Medicine Programs
Victor J. Dzau, Chair
Clyde J. Behney, Interim Leonard D. Schaeffer Executive Officer

Division on Behavioral and Social Sciences Education
Kenneth Prewitt, Chair
Robert M. Hauser, Executive Director

Division on Earth and Life Studies
Barbara A. Schaal, Chair
Gregory Symmes, Executive Director

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
Steven E. Koonin, Chair
Peter D. Blair, Executive Director

Policy and Global Affairs Division
James J. Duderstadt, Chair
Richard E. Bissell, Executive Director

Transportation Research Board
Susan Hanson, Chair
Neil J. Pedersen, Executive Director

Gulf Research Program
Chris Elfring, Director

Office of Communications and the National Academies Press
Barbara Kline Pope, Executive Director


NRC Staff Directory

Information about contacting staff or finding general information about members.