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Resources For Involving Scientists in Education

Are you a scientist, engineer, healthcare professional, or other technical professional?

Are you concerned about the quality or quantity of science education for K-12 students?

Would you like to make a positive contribution to your community?

Then you have found the right place for information and resources. We believe scientists and engineers have key roles to play in K-12 science education reform.

Established in 1989 by the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council, RISE conducts workshops and publishes materials to help scientists and engineers play effective roles in improving science education, from kindergarten through high school. In fulfilling its mission and meeting its goals, RISE draws on both educational research and practice, and is part of the Center for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education.

In November of 1996, RISE sponsored a working conference for representatives of the nation's most effective local, regional, and national partnerships between scientists and K-12 educators. These knowledgeable participants then generated the substance and form of this Internet resource. The agenda and a list of participantsfor the conference are available.

RISE has been supported by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute , a medical research organization and the National Science Foundation. The design and research on specific contents of this web resource were supported by the Executive Committee of the Governing Board of the National Research Council. The National Research Council is the operating agency for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine.

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