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Public Law
: National and Commercial Space Programs
: 111-314
Session: 111th Congress (Second Session)


The following are excerpts, highlighted in red, from the final legislation and/or conference report which contain references to and studies for The National Academies. (Pound signs [##] between passages denote the deletion of unrelated text.)

HR3237 Conyers (D-Mich.) 12/03/10
Enrolled (finally passed both houses)
To enact certain laws relating to national and commercial space programs as title 51, United States Code, “National and Commercial Space Programs”.
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20301. General responsibilities.
20302. Vision for space exploration.
20303. Contribution to innovation.
20304. Basic research enhancement.
20305. National Academies decadal surveys.


§ 20305. National Academies decadal surveys

(a) IN GENERAL.—The Administrator shall enter into agreements on a periodic basis with the National Academies for independent assessments, also known as decadal surveys, to take stock of the status and opportunities for Earth and space science discipline fields and Aeronautics research and to recommend priorities for research and programmatic areas over the next decade.

(b) INDEPENDENT COST ESTIMATES.—The agreements described in subsection (a) shall include independent estimates of the life cycle costs and technical readiness of missions assessed in the decadal surveys whenever possible.

(c) REEXAMINATION.—The Administrator shall request that each National Academies decadal survey committee identify any conditions or events, such as significant cost growth or scientific or technological advances, that would warrant the Administration asking the National Academies to reexamine the priorities that the decadal survey had established.



30501. Lessons learned and best practices.
30502. Whistleblower protection.
30503. Performance assessments.
30504. Assessment of science mission extensions.


§ 30503. Performance assessments

(a) IN GENERAL.—The performance of each division in the Science directorate of the Administration shall be reviewed and assessed by the National Academy of Sciences at 5-year intervals.

(b) TIMING.—Beginning with the first fiscal year following December 30, 2005, the Administrator shall select at least one division for review under this section. The Administrator shall select divisions so that all disciplines will have received their first review within 6 fiscal years of December 30, 2005.

(c) REPORTS.—Not later than March 1 of each year, beginning with the first fiscal year after December 30, 2005, the Administrator shall transmit a report to the Committee on Science and Technology of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation of the Senate—

(1) setting forth in detail the results of any external review under subsection (a);

(2) setting forth in detail actions taken by the Administration in response to any external review; and

(3) including a summary of findings and recommendations from any other relevant external reviews of the Administration’s science mission priorities and programs.



40701. Research and development initiative.
40702. Additional research and development initiative.
40703. Research alignment.
40704. Research program on perceived impact of sonic booms.


§ 40703. Research alignment

In addition to pursuing the research and development initiative described in section 40702 of this title, the Administrator shall, to the maximum extent practicable within available funding, align the fundamental aeronautics research program to address high priority technology challenges of the National Academies’ Decadal Survey of Civil Aeronautics, and shall work to increase the degree of involvement of external organizations, and especially of universities, in the fundamental aeronautics research program.



60501. Goal.
60502. Transitioning experimental research into operational services.
60503. Reauthorization of Glory Mission.
60504. Tornadoes and other severe storms.
60505. Coordination with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
60506. Sharing of climate related data.


§ 60506. Sharing of climate related data

The Administrator shall work to ensure that the Administration’s policies on the sharing of climate related data respond to the recommendations of the Government Accountability Office’s report on climate change research and data-sharing policies and to the recommendations on the processing, distribution, and archiving of data by the National Academies Earth Science Decadal Survey, “Earth Science and Applications from Space”, and other relevant National Academies reports, to enhance and facilitate their availability and widest possible use to ensure public access to accurate and current data on global warming.