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Thriving Communities Grants 5 - Request for Applications: Grant Awards

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Making the Award

Selection Notice:
When the evaluation of a proposal is complete, the project director will be notified that (1) the proposal has been selected for funding pending contract negotiations, or (2) the proposal has not been selected. These official notifications will be sent via email to the project director identified on the application. If a proposal is selected for award, the Gulf Research Program reserves the right to request additional or clarifying information for any reason deemed necessary, including, but not limited to, indirect cost information or other budget information. Awardees are free to accept or reject the grant agreement as offered.

Award Notice:
The Gulf Research Program transmits award notices to organizations via e-mail. The award is not finalized and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is not obligated to provide any funding until a signed copy of the award agreement has been received by the Academies.

Grant Periods:
Upon receipt of the award notice, the awardee should note the effective date and the expiration date. Effective date is the date specified in the grant notice on or after which expenditures may be charged to the grant. Charging expenditures to the grant prior to the effective date is strictly prohibited. Expiration date is the date specified in the grant notice after which expenditures may not be charged against the grant except to satisfy obligations to pay allowable project costs committed on or before that date.

Once an award is made, the effective date cannot be changed. The expiration date may be changed as a result of approval of a request for a no-cost extension. If approved, the Gulf Research Program will issue an amendment to the grant.

If additional time beyond the performance period and the established expiration date is required to assure adequate completion of the original scope of work within the funds already made available, the awardee may apply for a one-time no-cost extension of up to six months. A formal request must be submitted to the Gulf Research Program at least 45 days prior to the expiration date of the grant. The request must explain the need for the extension and include an estimate of the unobligated funds remaining and a plan for their use. This one-time extension will not be approved solely for the purpose of using the unliquidated balances.

Post-award Management

Reporting Requirements:
After an award is conferred, the grantee shall provide a semi-annual financial report to the Gulf Research Program to report on grant expenditures to date under the grant. The grantee shall provide an annual written report to the Gulf Research Program to report on activities being carried out under the grant, including but not limited to project accomplishments to date and grant expenditures. No later than sixty (60) days after the expiration of the award, the grantee shall provide in writing a final grant report. The final grant report shall address the original objectives of the project as identified in the grant proposal, describe any changes in objectives, describe the final project accomplishments, and include a final project accounting of all grant funds.

Data Management:
Implementation of the data management plan will be monitored through the annual and final report process. Annual project reports required for all multi-year awards must include an account of ongoing data management and the accessibility (e.g., sharing) of research information products (e.g., digital object identifiers [DOIs] or accession numbers for digital information; citations of relevant publications, conference proceedings, and conference presentations; and other types of dissemination). In addition, the report must articulate any current or foreseeable changes to the original plan. Continued funding for subsequent years of multi-year projects will be contingent upon acceptable performance, which includes adherence to the data management plan.

Final project reports, which are required for all awards, must describe the implementation of the data management plan. They must also clearly describe any changes from the original plan. At a minimum, the final report should include descriptions of the following:
  • Data, datasets, and information products produced during the award period.
  • Metadata (that describe the project and that describe the data and other information products) produced during the award period.
  • Data, other information products, and associated metadata that will be maintained or curated after the award expires.
  • Dissemination activities (e.g., publication of results and data, presentation of results and data).
  • The curation facility or facilities (e.g., digital repository) where project data and other information products have been deposited or are being curated for long-term management and accessibility.
  • Verification that the data and other information products are, or at least will be, widely discoverable and accessible (e.g., DOIs for data and other information products).
  • In addition to evaluating the final report descriptions, the Gulf Research Program may review any digital products curated in digital repositories or otherwise curated to ensure that they are properly preserved, documented, and accessible.
Scientific Integrity:
A fundamental purpose of the Gulf Research Program is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge and the application of the science to address challenges relevant to the Program’s mission. All activities of the Gulf Research Program will be conducted to meet the highest standards of scientific integrity. All grantees have a responsibility to use the funds wisely. To continue the emphasis on scientific integrity throughout the award period, the Gulf Research Program will ask all researchers, trainees, and fellows to comply with professional standards as defined by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report On Being A Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research.

Grant Terms and Conditions:
Please be advised that the Gulf Research Program expects applicants to have reviewed the Grant Agreement prior to submitting an application to ensure that the applicant is aware of the applicable terms under which the grant is offered. It is the policy of National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine to entertain potential modifications to the Grant Agreement only under the most exceptional circumstances. Rather, successful applicants are strongly encouraged to sign the Grant Agreement as presented.

CLICK HERE to view a sample grant agreement if the applicant is a public institution.
CLICK HERE to view a sample agreement if the applicant is a private institution.

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