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Gulf Research Program Awards $2 Million in Grants

Gulf Research Program Awards $2 Million in Grants to Understand, Predict Loop Current Behavior

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce $2 million in grant awards to seven new projects focused on improving understanding of the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current System. Changes in the size, location, and temperature of the Loop Current can affect hurricane intensity, offshore drilling and production in the Gulf, and the safety and economic livelihoods of coastal community residents. Despite its far-reaching impacts, there are persistent knowledge gaps about the LCS.  

Now in its second year, the Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems (UGOS) funding initiative supports projects that expand knowledge and improve the tools available for observing and modeling the Loop Current System’s behavior.  

The UGOS 2 projects span diverse disciplines, including machine learning, physical oceanography, and satellite imaging. Project teams will work to coordinate efforts with the first round of UGOS granteesto promote a long-term, comprehensive, and multi-institutional research effort.  

To learn more about the projects, read the press release or visit the UGOS grant awards page.

Gulf Research Program Awards $7.25 Million to Improve Safety Culture in the Oil

$7.25 Million Awarded to Improve Safety Culture in the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry 

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce $7.25 million in grant awards to eight new projects aimed at advancing safety culture in the oil and gas industry.

 Maintaining a strong safety culture is not only vital for employees and contractors, but for the environment and people living in Gulf Coast communities.

 The eight Safer Offshore Energy Systems (SOES) Grants 4 projects will address several gaps in safety culture by producing more complete and accurate data related to accidents and near-misses; dashboards that can support decision-making; and tools that organizations can use to measure their safety culture.

 To learn more about the projects, read the press release or visit the SOES grant awards page.

The Gulf Research Program and the Sea Grant Oil Spill Science Outreach Program

Reports Released: Gulf Research Program and Sea Grant Workshop Series on Regional Oil Spill Preparedness, Needs, and Gaps

The Gulf Research Program and the Sea Grant Oil Spill Science Outreach Program recently released five regional reports and one summary report from a collaborative workshop series on oil spill preparedness.

The workshops were held between December 2018 and May 2019 in five states affected by oil spills - Alabama, Alaska, California, Louisiana, and Virginia. Several recurring themes emerged about needs and gaps related to oil spill mitigation and safety, public communication, physical and mental health services, and data collection. Each region also examined potential protocols and pilot projects tailored to their diverse cultures, economies, and natural resources.

To learn more, read the press release and the workshop reports and summary.

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$10.7 Million Awarded to Gulf Coast Community Resilience Projects

The Gulf Research Program is pleased to announce grant awards totaling $10.7 million to support four new projects focused on enhancing community resilience in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico region. The awards seek to help bridge the gap between the science and practice of community resilience. The four projects involve researchers and coastal communities throughout Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas working together to co-create actionable information, tools, and strategies these communities can use to enhance their resilience.

To learn more about the projects, read the press release or visit the grant awards page.

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