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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
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At A Glance



Executive Office

James F. Hinchman, Acting Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer

Report Review Committee
Ellen Wright Clayton, Co-Chair
M. Granger Morgan, Co-Chair
Robert F. Sproull, Co-Chair
Dorothy Zolandz, Executive Director

Office of Communications
David May, Chief Communications Officer

Office of News and Public Information
William Kearney, Executive Director

Office of Congressional and Government Affairs
Christopher J. King, Executive Director

Office of the General Counsel
Audrey Mosley, General Counsel

Office of Development
Alison Purvis, Acting Chief Development Officer

Office of Security
Detra D. Bodrick, Director

Office of Administration

Mark Andress, Director

Office of Information & Technology Services

Leonard Kim, Chief Information Officer


Office of Human Resources

Don Laing, Executive Director

Health and Medicine Division
Georges C. Benjamin, Chair
Clyde J. Behney, Executive Director

Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education
Michael Hout, Chair
Mary Ellen O'Connell, Executive Director

Division on Earth and Life Studies
Thomas Connelly Jr., Chair
Gregory Symmes, Executive Director

Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
Steven E. Koonin, Chair
Peter D. Blair, Executive Director

Policy and Global Affairs Division
Anne Petersen, Chair
Vaughan Turekian, Executive Director

Transportation Research Board
Chris Hendrickson, Chair
Neil J. Pedersen, Executive Director

Gulf Research Program
Jerry Melillo, Chair
Lauren Alexander Augustine, Executive Director


Staff Directory

Information about contacting staff or finding general information about members.