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New Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

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New voices, at last
In June, the U.S. National Academies launched “New Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine,” comprising 18 early- to midcareer scholars. They will engage in communicating the evidence base for addressing national and global challenges and help diversify the expertise...


Second Meeting
The 18-member cohort convened at The National Academies in Washington, DC in March 2019 to discuss opportunities for enhancing science communication and diversity, and hosted a roundtable discussion on the future of U.S. global R&D competitiveness.

Panel Discussion: STEM Workforce Diversity: Where do we go from here?

On March 21st New Voices hosted six distinguished panelists to discuss efforts to diversify the national science, engineering and health workforce. View webcast recording

Inaugural Meeting

The New Voices program held its inaugural meeting at the Beckman Center in Irvine, CA. Members discussed the role of emerging leaders in SEM communication, diversity, and engagement, and the importance of building a larger network of emerging leaders to help address these issues. The meeting concluded with the selection of Alison Sheets-Singer, Patricia Silveyra, and Ali Nouri as co-chairs. 


The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine pilot initiative, “New Voices in Sciences, Engineering and Medicine” (SEM), will engage an initial diverse group of outstanding early-career SEM leaders to provide new perspectives on issues and public communication modes for the National Academies, and to help identify and try out activities designed to expand the diversity of expertise that is engaged in the convening and advisory functions of the National Academies.

With support from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the initial group of 18 SEM early-career leaders will gather over a two-year period with a senior advisory committee to discuss key emerging challenges in science, engineering, and medicine, engage nationally with a wider group of young leaders from diverse groups, and attend international events on science policy.

The inaugural group members are below (view biographies). Visit their members’ page.

New Voices - Olujimi Ajijola
Olujimi Ajijola
University of California, Los Angeles
  New Voices - Asmeret Asefaw Berhe
Asmeret Asefaw Berhe
University of California, Merced
  New Voices - Joel Baumbart
Joel Baumgart
Emory University
  New Voices - Michelle Birkett
Michelle Birkett
Northwestern University
  New Voices - Orianna Bretschger
Orianna Bretschger
Aquacycl, LLC
New Voices - Frances Colon
Frances Colón
Jasperi Consulting
  New Voices - Faisal Hossain
Faisal Hossain
University of Washington
  New Voices - Tyrone Grandison
Tyrone Grandison
Data-Driven Institute
  New Voices - Colleen Iversen
Colleen Iversen
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  New Voices - Yunyao Li
Yunyao Li
IBM Research
New Voices - Yan Liu
Yan Liu
University of Southern California
  New Voices - Ali Nouri
Ali Nouri
Federation of American Scientists
  New Voices - Cynthia Reinhart-King
Cynthia Reinhart-King
Vanderbilt University
  New Voices - Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy
The Dow Chemical Company
  New Voices - Alison Sheets Singer
Alison Sheets-Singer
Nike, Inc.
New Voices - Patricia Silveyra
Patricia Silveyra
Penn State College of Medicine
  New Voices - Lauren Stewart
Lauren Stewart
Georgia Institute of Technology
  New Voices - Amos Winter
Amos Winter
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Senior Advisory Committee

Geraldine L. Richmond
, University of Oregon
Bruce Alberts, UC San Francisco
Cato T. Laurencin, University of Connecticut
Shirley M. Malcom, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Bernard Amadei, University of Colorado Boulder
Jane E. Henney, National Academy of Medicine


Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation


Contact Information

John Boright
Ali Douraghy
Flannery Wasson