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Web Conferencing with WebEx

How to Participate

You have two options for connecting to the meeting:
1. Click on the meeting URL to launch the WebEx conferencing session, fill in your name and other information, click Join. Once the meeting launches, select Call me back to access audio.
2. Use the local or global access numbers provided for traditional dial-in if you’re not in a location with sufficient bandwidth to support full Web conferencing.

Meeting Checklist
  • Test the computer you will be using for the meeting, on the Internet connection you will be using. You can try a test meeting here:
  • If possible, use a landline phone – this connection is more stable than mobile phones and tends to provide higher quality audio.
  • If possible, use hardwired Internet connection rather than Wi-Fi.
  • Log in/Call in to the meeting early to make sure you can get connected.
  • Turn off or silence cell phones, computer sounds, etc. to eliminate background noise and interruptions during your meeting.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to download software to participate in a web conference?
The WebEx client will automatically download when you click on the Web session URL. You need to perform this action only once.

What should I do if my company’s security settings prevent me from downloading the WebEx client?
Contact your company’s technical support team for help. Alternatively, you can participate via audio only dial-in.

Can I test my WebEx access before the meeting?
Yes. Click here for more information and a test link. If you have any trouble, your company’s technical support team is in the best position to help troubleshoot.

Having problems with your conference call? Dial 00 to connect with operator or contact InterCall (888-898-3178).

Need Cisco WebEx Web Conferencing Support? Dial 800-508-8758 or